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Silicone Star Stacker

Silicone Star Stacker

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Introducing our Montessori-inspired Star Stacker, a captivating toy designed to engage and stimulate your child's curiosity! This star-shaped stacking toy offers a fun and educational experience that aligns with Montessori principles, fostering a love for learning.

Crafted with care, our Star Stacker is made from high-quality, child-safe materials, ensuring durability and peace of mind. The smooth edges and non-toxic finish make it suitable for children of all ages.

Featuring a unique star design, this stacker encourages your child to explore spatial relationships and develop fine motor skills. The stackable pieces are easy to grasp and manipulate, allowing your little one to experiment with different configurations and build their own starry structures.

By engaging in open-ended play, children can enhance their problem-solving abilities and unleash their imagination. The Star Stacker's colours and visually appealing design captivate young minds, sparking creativity and visual perception.

As an educational toy, our Montessori Star Stacker promotes hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. It introduces concepts of balance and symmetry while stimulating critical thinking and concentration.

Parents will appreciate the compact size and easy storage of this stacker. It's a versatile toy that can be enjoyed both at home and on the go, providing endless entertainment and learning opportunities for your child.

Invest in our Montessori Star Stacker to inspire your child's natural curiosity and love for learning. Watch as they embark on a journey of exploration and skill development. Order now and ignite their imagination with this captivating toy!


Silicone Star Stacker - Set of 6 pieces stored in a reusable bag.
100% BPA-free and food-grade silicone.


The size of pieces ranges from: 8.5cm to 5cm. Total stacker 12cm tall
To clean: wipe over with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water when required.

Age: 6 months +
Complies with AS/NZS 8124.1
My Luxeve takes no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
Please choose carefully. There is no exchange or refund for a change of mind.

Silicone Star Stacker | Silicone Toy | Sensory Toy | Children's Toy | Learning Toy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Isa Meneses

Smaller than expected but beautiful quality

Isa Meneses

Smaller than expected but beautiful quality


Quality is great, matched the description, shipped fast. Only issue is it?s so small. I checked the measurements in the description and maybe overestimated how big they?d be. Nice, but expensive for the size.

Maddi Bell

Cute star stacker

Aimy Edwards

Cute star stacker & great quality