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Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board (Personalised)

Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board (Personalised)

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Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board (Personalised) | Tracing Board | Educational | Number Recognition | Numbers Extension | Personalised Tracing Board

Introducing our Personalised Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board - a versatile and customizable educational resource designed to help children master number recognition, formation, and extension!

Our Personalised Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board takes learning to the next level. With its unique design and personalization options, this tracing board provides an engaging and tailored learning experience for young learners.

Crafted with care, our tracing board is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The smooth surface and clear guidelines make it easy for children to trace numbers with precision and develop their fine motor skills.

What sets our Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board apart is the option for personalization. You can customize the board with your child's name, adding a special touch and creating a one-of-a-kind learning tool that is uniquely theirs.

This personalized approach not only makes learning more meaningful but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their learning journey. It's a wonderful gift for birthdays, milestones, or any special occasion that celebrates your child's growth and development.

With the Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board, children can go beyond the basics and extend their number knowledge. The board includes a wide range of numbers, allowing children to practice tracing and writing numbers beyond the traditional 1-10 sequence.

By using our tracing board, children develop strong number recognition skills and gain confidence in number formation. The personalized touch creates a sense of connection and familiarity, making learning more enjoyable and memorable.

Parents, educators, and homeschoolers will appreciate the versatility of our Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board. It can be used for individual practice, small group activities, or as a teaching aid to reinforce number concepts in a hands-on and interactive way.

Give your child a personalized and enriching learning experience with our Personalised Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board. Order now and watch as they develop their number skills and grow in confidence. With this customized educational resource, learning numbers becomes a journey of exploration and discovery, tailored specifically to your child's needs.

Please double-check the font selection and the spelling of your child's name in the fields above. There are no changes once your order is processed.


Please write on them with a liquid chalk pen or a whiteboard marker. Liquid chalk markers can be purchased from us here. To clean the board, wash it with water and then wipe it with a microfibre cloth. Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials will ruin the acrylic.
Made from 3mm clear acrylic


Size - A4

Please ensure to only write on the smooth side of the board with a pen that has been suggested. The smooth side is the side that is not backward when looking at the board. If writing onto the raised side that has been lasered, any pen will permanently seep into the acrylic, and it will not be able to be removed. This is your responsibility, and the product will not be replaced if this happens.
To avoid ghosting on the acrylic board, wash off or wipe any writing within 12 hours.
My Luxeve takes no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
Please choose carefully. There is no exchange or refund for a change of mind.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jane Britt

Great quality and perfect size for little fingers learning to write their numbers. Thankyou.

fi nordstrom

Miss 4 loves it. Well made and good value. Thank you