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Numbers 1-10 Wall Script (Timber)

Numbers 1-10 Wall Script (Timber)

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Introducing our Timber Number 1-10 Wall Script – a fantastic addition to enrich your playroom space with engaging wall decor that aids your little learners in numerical comprehension. This captivating piece is meticulously designed to enhance both aesthetics and educational value, making it a standout feature in your child's playroom.

Key Features:

  1. Educational Brilliance: Our Number 1-10 Wall Script combines the best of both worlds by adding visual charm to your playroom while fostering early numeracy skills. Each number is cut out of lightweight timber, making it easy for your child to explore and learn.

  2. Engaging Visuals: With its appealing design, this script captivates young minds and invites them to interact with numbers. Whether they're tracing their fingers along the smooth wooden surfaces or identifying numerals, your child will be immersed in a world of numerical discovery.

  3. Durability Meets Safety: Crafted from top-quality, child-friendly timber, our Number 1-10 Wall Script is built to withstand the demands of playtime. It's lightweight, yet robust, ensuring a safe and long-lasting addition to your playroom.

  4. Effortless Installation: Hanging this numerical script is a breeze, all you need is blu tac or 3m tape you can effortlessly adorn your playroom wall with this educational masterpiece, making it an instant focal point.

  5. Ideal Playroom Enhancement: This script seamlessly complements any playroom decor, adding an educational touch that enhances your child's learning environment. It's not just a decor item; it's a valuable learning tool.

Why Choose Our Number 1-10 Wall Script:

  • Nurtures Early Numeracy: As your child interacts with this script, they'll naturally develop number recognition and foundational math skills, giving them a head start in math education.

  • Fosters Creativity: The script's engaging design and tactile experience ignite creativity, encouraging your child to explore the world of numbers and problem-solving.

  • Endless Learning Adventures: With numbers 1 to 10 at their fingertips, your little one can embark on a journey of numerical discovery, building a strong foundation for math proficiency.

  • Perfect Gift Idea: Searching for a thoughtful and educational gift? Our Number 1-10 Wall Script is an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

Elevate your child's learning journey and add a touch of educational wonder to your playroom decor with our Lightweight Timber Number 1-10 Wall Script. Where aesthetics meet education, this piece creates a space where little learners can thrive and numbers become exciting friends. Invest in their mathematical future and make numeracy an engaging adventure.

  • Material: High-quality 3mm birch plywood.
  • Size: 7cm

Please remember that wood is a natural product and our pieces are handmade. Each piece is original and unique. The wood may have slight imperfections and may look slightly different from the one photographed. By confirming your order, you are acknowledging this. If there is any sign of damage, please dispose of it.

My Luxeve takes no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
Please choose carefully. There is no exchange or refund for a change of mind.

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