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Alphabet Match Game

Alphabet Match Game

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Introducing our Alphabet Match Game – a captivating educational tool designed to make learning the ABCs an engaging and enjoyable experience for your little ones. This Montessori-inspired game seamlessly combines education through play, fostering a love for letters and language in a way that feels like fun, not lessons.

Product Features and Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Set: Our game includes a total of 52 discs, encompassing both lowercase and uppercase letters. This extensive set ensures a holistic learning experience, covering the entire alphabet for a solid foundation.

  2. Interactive Learning: The Alphabet Match Game transforms the process of learning letters into an interactive adventure. By actively engaging with the discs, children develop tactile and fine motor skills, enhancing their overall learning experience.

  3. Educational Games for All Ages: Tailored for children in the early stages of literacy, this game adapts to various learning levels. Whether your child is just starting to recognise letters or mastering their alphabet, the Alphabet Match Game grows with them, providing a dynamic and personalized learning journey.

  4. Montessori Approach: Inspired by Montessori principles, our game emphasizes hands-on exploration and self-directed learning. This approach encourages children to discover letters at their own pace, promoting independence and a sense of accomplishment.

  5. Cognitive Development: Beyond the alphabet, this game stimulates cognitive development. Through matching lowercase and uppercase letters, children hone their memory and concentration skills, laying the groundwork for more advanced language skills.

In essence, our Alphabet Match Game is more than just a set of letters; it's a gateway to a world where education and play seamlessly intertwine. Elevate your child's learning journey with this Montessori-inspired game, fostering a love for language that will last a lifetime. Make education through play a delightful reality with our Alphabet Match Game.

Technical Specifications:
  • Material: High-quality 3mm birch plywood.
  • Dimensions: Approx. Size: 5cm diameter.
  • Comes with 52 Discs in a calico carry bag.
Care Instructions

Please remember that wood is a natural product and our pieces are handmade. Each piece is original and unique. The wood may have slight imperfections and may look slightly different from the one photographed. By confirming your order, you are acknowledging this. If there is any sign of damage, please dispose of it.

My Luxeve takes no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
Please choose carefully. There is no exchange or refund for a change of mind.

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