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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Montessori toy?

Montessori Toys encourage children to experiment with new things by providing opportunities for them to learn about textures, colours and shapes. A good example of this type of toy is Lego and stacking items because kids can build structures or vehicles from individual blocks which give way to creativity in trial-and-error methods as well! The toy should be something that they can hold and touch.

Montessori toys encourage children to learn by playing. Toys give them an opportunity for self-expression and creativity, as well as the chance of making new friends while exploring their environment with each toy being different from every other one in some way! The best thing about these environments is that kids get a chance to teach themselves through exploration – which makes it all worthwhile because no matter what mistake was made before (or how much time has passed), now’s your turn!

What age can my child use the silicone blocks or stacking toys?

Infants are not the only ones who can enjoy a little silicone fun! Our stacking blocks provide an interesting challenge for babies and toddlers alike. Soft, bendable materials make these perfect as teething toys or played with by small children in early childhood development stages up until they outgrow them completely (which many will do!). The silicone blocks and stacking rainbows can be used from 6 months. old.

How do I clean the silicone blocks or stacking toys?

The silicone blocks can be wiped clean with a damp cloth as required. Please do not submerge in water, since the holes of these toys might generate mould and create an unhealthy environment for your baby! Your stacking necessities are best washed using a soap-based cleaner before storing them away again so they’re always ready when you need them most

Are your Montessori toys safe?

Montessori toys can help your child learn while they play. One great thing about this learning is that it’s self-driven and children need to explore things on their own for the lesson or skill being taught to come alive! All of our silicone rubber rings are made from a non-toxic, eco safest material called BPA free Silicone which means you’ll never have to worry if something goes wrong with them because there isn’t any formaldehyde used during production like other companies do (and we don’t want anyone having worries). We also comply fully with Australian/New Zealand Toy Safety Standards 8124 -1

Best and Guaranteed Quality of Montessori Baby Toys

A growing child needs stimulation and inviting learning opportunities to help encourage their learning. By surrounding your developing child with toys that are simple, clutter-free, limited in colours, and have a clear-cut structure they will have the best chance of discovering new concepts….

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