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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use acrylic tracing boards?

Please ensure to only write on the smooth side of the board with a pen that has been suggested (chalk marker or whiteboard marker). The smooth side is the side that is not backwards when looking at the board. If writing onto the raised side that has been lasered, any type of pen will permanently seep into the acrylic and it will not be able to be removed. This is your responsibility and the product will not be replaced if this happens.

To avoid ghosting on the acrylic board, please wash off or wipe any writing within 12 hours. Ensure to only write on the correct side. Do not write over the top of the white lasered writing as this will not be able to be removed.

How do I erase the chalk markers?

Chalk markers will erase from compatible surfaces with a bit of water and a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use chemical liquids, cleaning products or abrasive materials as this may damage the surface.

What surfaces are compatible with chalk markers?

Smooth non-porous surfaces work best. Such as: acrylic, glass, metal, and plastic.

I would like some extra sight words created. Is this possible?

Of course, happy to help. Please email the words you require to and we will provide a quote for the custom order.

My Luxeve Range of  Education Toys That Encourage Kids to Become Multi-Skilled

My Luxeve presents a luxurious range of educational toys for kids. The creatively designed toys are meant to inculcate different types of skills in your little ones including numeracy and literacy. This is the opportune time to tell you that a lot of thought has gone into making these educational toys; even the experiences of our parenthood has been infused to make realistic toys that help our young ones in learning key skills.

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