Meet the owner

I'm Tammy the face behind the brand, we are a small family business based in North Brisbane, Queensland. My Luxeve is a haven where sophistication meets growth, and where learning is infused with elegance.

Learn & Play

Partners in Parenting

We understand that as parents, you are dedicated to nurturing your child's development while celebrating the beauty of life's milestones. At My Luxeve, we are your partner on this journey, offering a curated collection of products that embody education, luxury and functionality.

Our Story

As parents ourselves, blessed with two wonderful children and one preparing to embark on their schooling journey, we held a deep desire for flexibility in nurturing our kids. We wanted a life where one parent could be present for all those invaluable milestones – the initial school years, the unforgettable Mother's and Father's Day afternoons, the spirited sports carnivals, and the cherished moments that fleetingly grace our lives. These were the instances we understood to be irreplaceable.

Little Learners Range

Enriching Experiences

From this longing, here we are, we purchased My Luxeve and soon realised a need for a haven that could serve parents seeking both superior products and enriching experiences for their little ones. Drawing upon our own parental journeys, we embarked on the journey to establish a platform that not only provides exceptional educational items but also encapsulates the sophistication that resonates with contemporary families.


Values & Goals

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your trusted guide in embracing Montessori principles and fostering a love for learning in your child. We envision a world where parents can effortlessly access a diverse range of Montessori-inspired products that promote cognitive development, enhance motor skills, and spark sensory exploration. We aim to simplify the Montessori journey for you, empowering you to create an environment that encourages curiosity, growth, and boundless potential in your children.

Our Mision

At My Luxeve, we are committed to excellence, innovation, and your satisfaction. Each item in our collection is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the values we hold dear – quality, education, and style. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is seamless, enriching, and inspiring. From our educational items to our dedication to Montessori philosophy, every aspect of My Luxeve is designed with your child's growth and well-being in mind.

With Gratitude

Thank you for the support you give our small business.

With love from our family to yours xx