Why use a learning board for your child?

Many educational specialists believe that children’s preschool years are critical for their educational development and school readiness. Although the advantages of using an alphabet learning board and attending preschool may appear obvious, there is minimal evidence to back this up based on large-scale state-wide studies. An alphabet board for kids A study from the University of Missouri College of Education has found that, on average, children who completed preschool make large improvements in their alphabet recognition skills compared to children who have just begun preschool. The findings of the study, according to the researcher, demonstrate the efficiency of preschool in preparing children to excel academically throughout their lives and may help prevent future academic failure.

Half of the children in the study had just started prekindergarten. But while the other half had completed prekindergarten and were about to start kindergarten. Huang discovered that children who had completed a year of preschool had an average of 85 per cent stronger alphabet recognition skills than those who had just started the programme.

Although letter recognition is only one component of a child’s entire education, it is a critical component in developing reading skills, which is one of the essential variables in a child’s academic achievement.

Importance of handwriting:

The ability to write is a necessary life skill. Children who can write fluently and, for example, are better equipped to record their thoughts and ideas through writing. Their ideas can flow more freely when penmanship is automatic. An alphabet learning board can help your child in learning and practicing this important skill.

Handwriting skills aid in the development of reading and spelling abilities in children. It also aids in the recollection and remembering of information. Handwriting abilities are also required for various jobs later in life, such as writing birthday cards, filling out forms, and signing essential papers.

Handwriting learning procedure:

Handwriting is a complex art that takes time to master. Handwriting progresses from scribbling and painting to the formation of letters and sentences. Children must combine fine motor skills, memory, language and concentration to acquire handwriting. They must also practise and adhere to directions.

Allowing your child to draw, sketch, and write can encourage them to develop an interest in handwriting. Handwriting practises in alphabet learning board helps your youngster prepare for formal handwriting lessons at school.

The majority of kids prefer to write and draw with their right hands. However, some children prefer to use their left hands. This is fine. There is no requirement for children to switch hands when writing with their left hand. A nice alphabet board for kids may motivate them to write with fun.

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                                                                         A Tip

Because their left hands conceal their writing as it glides across the page, children who write with their left hands may find it difficult to view their work. Your child will be able to see what they’re writing or drawing more clearly if you tilt the page so that the left-hand corner is the uppermost. 

Why choose My Luxeve’s alphabet board for toddlers?

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