silicone suction plates

Suction Plates

When your baby starts eating, you must ensure they eat all of their food. They might not know what’s happening around them or control where those tiny limbs go, resulting in many messes during mealtimes! But there are ways for parents like us who are experiencing these problems- we just use patience and look after our children consistently, so everything works out fine.

Some strategies help calm your baby down and convince them to eat their food. On top of that, there are silicone suction plates available for sale.

Silicone suction plates for toddlers are the perfect solution to messy mealtimes. Here are three reasons why you need to buy them:

They are safe for your baby.

What sets silicone feeding items apart from those made with plastic or metal? Silicone is known to be a baby-safe material, thanks to its food-grade and BPA-free properties. It doesn’t release toxic chemicals when subjected to high temperatures, making it safe for the microwave and the dishwasher.

They prevent big messes.

Suction plates made of silicone can conveniently stick to the surface of your table. This prevents your baby from accidentally knocking it over during feeding time. All you need to do is press the plate down until air is released from underneath the suction.

You can even start teaching your toddler to eat independently. Silicone suction plates come with matching silicone spoons that are easy to grip, even for a tiny child.

They come in different styles.

Does your child have a favourite colour? Leading manufacturers offer silicon suction plates in a variety of hues! You can choose from pink, mint, lilac, and even yellow colours to entice your little one into eating correctly.

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