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Alphabet learning board

Have you ever noticed how your child is always playing with his or her hands? It’s because they’re learning! That’s right, making them engage in activities such as alphabetizing will help give their minds something new. You can purchase this game from My Luxeve Australia which teaches kids all about identifying the English Alphabet while having fun doing it.

Playing is an important element of a child’s development. Playing activates the brain while promoting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is especially true during a child’s first eight years of life. Many toys, such as spatial stacking cubes, wooden puzzles, and the alphabet learning board help toddlers and infants develop their brains.

What do we offer?

My Luxeve offers a high-end line of educational toys for children like children’s wooden alphabet letters. The imaginatively designed toys are intended to teach your children a variety of abilities. This is the right time to tell you that a lot of thinking has gone into creating these educational toys; even our own parenting experiences have been incorporated to create realistic toys that aid our children in learning important skills. All of our educational toys for kids are constructed of the highest grade natural wood. All of the coloured parts are made using non-toxic paints that are perfectly safe for children.

The complete collection is comprised of various sorts of natural wood. The Wooden Stacking Gems, for example, is constructed of beech wood, while our adorable Australia Wildlife and Landscape toy are constructed of plantation wood. The wood has been processed using natural and non-toxic materials in every case, ensuring that the complete collection of instructive wooden toys is safe for children.

Our major concern is the safety of the little bundle of pleasure. When we design educational toys for toddlers, we make sure that every detail is taken into consideration to suit the needs of the parent community and to help the children develop their skills in the most natural way possible.

About the alphabet learning board:

Children who are learning to write will love our acrylic tracing boards! Your child’s name, as well as the alphabet in high and lower case, is printed on this Personalised Alphabet Learning Tracing Board.

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Please draw on them using a liquid chalk pen or a whiteboard marker. Wipe the board clean with a microfiber towel after washing it with water. The acrylic will be ruined by harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Each board can be customised to include one of the official pre-cursive fonts used in schools in each state.

Please only use the pen that has been recommended to write on the smooth side of the board. When gazing at the board, the smooth side is the side that is not backwards. Any form of pen will permanently soak into the acrylic if written on the raised side that has been lasered, and it will not be able to be erased. This is your duty, and the product will not be replaced if this occurs.

>> Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack – Kids Writing Board

Our acrylic Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack is perfect for children learning how to write! You can personalize them with your child’s name or leave it blank, decide if they want alphabets (a-z), numerals(0 – 9)or shapes like hearts & flowers. These boards come in packs of two through four so you’ll be able to save money by buying all at once instead of separate purchases every time there was an increased need/wish arises.

Please draw on them using a liquid chalk pen or a whiteboard marker. Here’s where you can get liquid chalk markers. Wipe the board clean with a microfibre towel after washing it with water. The acrylic will be ruined by harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Nowadays, it’s best to buy toys and alphabet learning boards online. During this pandemic, staying inside as much as possible is the best option. Look for an online baby toy store that is based in Australia to support the local economy. Check to see if they can ensure safe and secure online transactions.

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