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Natural Teething Remedies

Teething Remedies

The first teeth to grow in a baby’s mouth are often the bottom-front ones. Your toddler might also experience an increase in temperature and drooling aside from pain, but there are many natural remedies you can try if this gets too much for them!

Here are some tried and tested teething remedies for your growing toddler:

  • Massage your baby’s gums very gently, using your fingers covered with a wet face washer, to keep things clean.
  • Over-the-counter pain relief medications such as ibuprofen or Panadol should only be used with medical advice. Use these sparingly and only when the pain starts to become unbearable for your child.
  • Teething toys are the go-to teething remedy for most parents. Toys made out of silicone are the best choice. They are free of BPA, approved by the FDA, and do not contain any toxic substances that might harm your baby. Silicone is known for being easy to chew on without being too slippery. Cotton or softwood is another material you might want to consider if you opt for a more natural approach. Teethers made up of softwood are also a go-to teething remedy for babies.

Make sure to buy your silicone or cotton teething toys from a trusted source. Consider the store’s customer reviews, materials used, and if they have first-hand experience in parenting.

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