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Educational Toys for Babies

Toys can be an opportunity for children to learn and grow. They provide a way of exploring their environment, and developing new skills in creative play with friends or alone time while also engaging the senses through music playsets that make sounds when you move around them!
Makes sense why kids go crazy over these types of fun-filled devices right? Well, there’s more than meets eye because not all toys have been made just so they’ll keep your little one entertained; some are actually designed specifically here at My Luxeve.

Babies are especially eager to learn more about the world around them. They are intrigued by every shape, texture, colour, taste, and sound around them. It is especially important to give your baby toys that are safe and those that help stimulate their senses. Rattles’ colours and sounds might attract them, but they explore toys that help build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they grow.

Every toy available to them helps build different skills. Some of the best educational toys you could get for them are discussed below.

Stacking Blocks

Blocks might seem like the most basic of toys, but they are anything but boring. Your little one would enjoy building and stacking while improving on motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It’s a toy that has been around for centuries and needs to be part of every child’s toy box.

They would learn to stack blocks high, create different structures, and learn cause and effect by destroying them. The best blocks to start with are the large, colourful silicone ones safe for babies.

Rainbow Toys

Introducing babies to colours is really important, and it is best to first start with a few basic colours. This silicone rainbow of primary colours by My Luxeve is versatile and perfect for your baby. They can use for colour recognition, counting, and learning a new shape, and with no holes in them, they can also be used for water or bath play.

Another benefit to this toy is that it can be used as a teether and frozen to help with sore gums!

Colourful Planks

These are wooden toys that are versatile and are open-ended for babies to experiment with. They can use it to stack, sort, or build their own small world during imaginative play. These help babies identify colours, sort different sizes, and develop hand-eye coordination along with balance, imagination, and building skills.

Spatial Cubes

Spatial cubes come in different pieces and shades and can be stacked or sculpted. They help a baby with imaginative play and explain the concept of spatial learning to them.


Puzzles have always been a vital part of learning. Puzzles not only help children develop their mental skills, but they also give the child an opportunity to be patient and focus on what he or she wants in life – which we all know is powerful! If you’re looking for some ways your little one can learn while playing with our toy puzzles then look no further than My Luxeve.

Playing can teach children a lot. Educational toys don’t just teach the baby but give them a chance to bond with you while having fun. An enjoyable education will help your child retain the information for longer and instil a positive attitude towards learning.

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