The 3 Best Wooden Toys for Kids in Early Development

Wooden toys for kids have been around forever. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used wooden dolls, horses, and chariots as a source of entertainment for children. These days, however, wooden toys have a much greater purpose: education.

When it comes to learning, children need to engage in a fun environment where they could study and play at the same time. Wooden toys for kids combine learning and recreation. What are some of the best wooden toys in the market?

Shape Sorting Puzzles

Shape sorting puzzles are a popular choice for parents with children in their early development stages. Not only are these wooden toys, fun and creative—they also help kids learn the basics of colours and shapes. These wooden puzzles help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive thinking. High-quality shape sorting puzzles are carefully crafted for small hands and painted with non-toxic colouring materials. Some puzzles even come with an abacus—a bonus for parents who want to teach counting!

Stacking Boards

Learning numbers, colours, and shapes at the same time may seem challenging, but it’s so much easier with the right tools! Well-crafted stacking boards have multiple functions that encourage young ones to discover more about basic mathematics, as well as simple shapes and primary colours.

Tracing Boards

Tracing boards are another type of wooden toys for kids than encourage motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There are tracing boards that teach shapes, while others are engraved with the alphabet and numbers. Your child can fill them in with sand or with playdough!

Buy one — if not all — of these amazing wooden toys for kids from reliable retailers. It’s best to find sellers who have had hands-on experience with children; they’re the ones who know what your child needs the most. Choose a seller that offers fair prices and fast delivery times.

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