Teething Ring

Macrame Teething Ring

Teething Ring

But what if you don’t have time to go out and buy a toy? No problem! I’ve found some awesome DIY teething ring that is super easy. All it takes is some paint, construction paper (or other heavy-duty material), scissors and glue for your little one’s first experience with creativity at home or on the go – without any messes attached because we’re getting them while they’re still asleep so there’ll be no anxiety about why mummy isn’t around anymore either 🙂

Macramé teething rings are a popular choice of natural teether because they are safe and can provide calming relief to a bothered baby. Here are some tips for finding the best natural macramé teething rings for your child:


Avoid teething toys that contain BPA and toxic elements. Search for a natural macramé teething ring for infants that is made with 100% baby-safe materials. You can’t go wrong with natural materials such are beechwood and pure cotton. To be extra safe, quickly wash the teething ring in warm and soapy water or wipe it with a non-toxic baby wipe before giving it to your little one.


A handmade macramé teething ring is a great choice. Handmade baby toys often last longer and are easy to maintain. However, macramé rings are prone to loosening, so make sure to tighten the knots as much as you need. Choose products that have gone through rigorous tests to guarantee their durability and quality.


You will find macramé teether in different colours. You can opt for a simple white macramé teething toy or a vibrant yellow option. Even a softer blue colour is available if that’s what you prefer. Each teether comes with a beechwood ring which you can rub with organic coconut oil to make it last longer.

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