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Teethers for Kids

Your kid will develop 19 teeth over the course of 7 to 24 months, but the first tooth is undoubtedly the most exciting. Teething is an exciting time for both the infant and the parents, but it can also be frustrating. Once the process begins, your baby will experience a variety of symptoms, including fever, sleep disturbances, a decreased appetite, red painful gums, biting more than normal, and even diarrhea. It’s natural to want to assist your baby feel less pain when you see some of these signs. Fortunately, fever drugs, teething gel, and infant teethers make this possible. Because of the pain in their gums, infants will want to put anything in their mouth during this time, thus baby teethers can be quite handy. These infant toys, which come in a variety of shapes and colours, provide a variety of benefits for a teething baby.

According to paediatricians, 10-15% of neonates feel significant pain and discomfort during the tooth-growing process. To alleviate the agony, newborns begin to suck everything that comes into contact with their hands. Teethers are made specifically for this purpose, to help each child experience less pain and make the teething process go more smoothly. When a baby chews on a teether, he or she will begin to feel better and more comfortable. Many parents use these toys to feed their babies when they are hungry. Newborn teethers provide a temporary solution by allowing you to prepare your baby’s food while keeping your child engaged.

Benefits of Teeters:

Relieves and soothes teething pain: Sucking and chewing on the teether calms painful gums, making it a terrific method to comfort your infant.

It feels great to hold and touch: As the baby touches, feels, chews, and plays with the various textured and shaped teethers, it helps with tactile stimulation.

Aids development: Chewing on the teether aids in normal jaw growth.

Prepares the baby for solid foods: Encourages the baby to chew, which helps with the transition from liquid to solid foods.

Aids Curiosity and awareness: Exploring the shape, function, touch, and feel of the teether heightens awareness and encourages newborns’ inherent curiosity.

Mental stimulation for the babies: It’s a fantastic method to keep your kid occupied, mentally active, and entertained.

Hand-eye coordination and gross motor development: Babies’ hand-eye coordination and gross motor development are aided by learning to grab the teether, hold it, play with it, and place it in their mouth.

Love the way it looks: Seeing and exploring teether toys in many bright shapes and forms is visually intriguing and stimulating.

Fun to play with: Some teethers make a range of sounds and noises, which the kid finds quite entertaining.

Makes the child happier: As the teething pain is relieved, the youngster becomes less irritable and happy.

My Luxeve teethers variety:

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