Swaddling Tips

Swaddling Tips for your baby

Swaddling Tips

Swaddling refers to the practice of closely covering an infant in a cloth or blanket. The practice has been practised for centuries and is still widely practised today. Swaddling is a technique for making a newborn feel safe and comfortable, offering many advantages. Swaddling can assist babies to sleep longer and more soundly, soothe irritable or colicky babies, and promote a safer sleep environment. Many new parents recognise the benefits of swaddles for babies, but attaining the perfect swaddle can be difficult. They can use our swaddles for infant products.

Swaddle at night:

Yes, you can swaddle your newborn at night. Swaddling your newborn at night can help him or her sleep for extended periods. You can use swaddling to alleviate the “startle or Moro” reflex.

The startle reaction is a primordial reflex from birth and serves as a protective mechanism. Your baby will be “startled” by any unexpected noise or movement, extending her arms away from her body and arching her back and neck. It begins to fade around the age of 12 weeks and is fully gone by the age of 6 months in most babies.

Newborns sleep less deeply than babies aged six months and up. This startle reaction is sometimes mistaken for muscle spasms during R.E.M. sleep. In most cases, babies switch from light to R.E.M. sleep. When they fall asleep, they usually enter R.E.M. sleep. R.E.M. sleep is also referred to as “dream” sleep. You should care extra about swaddles for infants.

The R.E.M. sleep of newborns differs from that of older babies and adults. Adults dream while sleeping in R.E.M. sleep, but their voluntary muscles are immobilised. There will be no movement of the arms or legs. It’s different in newborns. You WILL notice vocalisations, smiles, grimaces, and twitches or jerks in a newborn’s R.E.M. slumber. When you see these things, they are not awake. Remember how your kid started smiling while she was sleeping? Thus you should use swaddles for babies of our brand.

Swaddle to sleep your baby?

Although highly recommended, you are not bound to swaddle your newborn at bedtime. We’ve worked with many parents who claim their baby dislikes being swaddled. That may be true, but people keep trying while adjusting another element when attempting to swaddle, such as the time of day. Then you can play around with different types of swaddles.

Swaddle period:

You can swaddle your infant for the entire night. The only thing to keep an eye on is that you aren’t swaddling your hips for a substantial portion of your 24 hours for weeks or months. Swaddles designed in recent years have aimed to be loose around the hips and snug around the upper chest and arms. One small study found an increased risk of hip dysplasia.


When should I wrap my baby in a swaddle?

When your baby is well-rested, it helps you sleep better and reduces the likelihood of increased crying and fussiness. Swaddling allows you to keep your infant well-rested during sleep periods by removing the startle reflex and the distraction of his or her clumsy arms. Swaddle your baby for naps and nighttime. When he or she is awake, work on tummy time to begin establishing those strong core muscles that will aid with rolling.


When do I have to stop swaddling my baby?

When your child shows signs of roll, you should stop swaddling her. Rolling in a swaddle can be dangerous because your kid may become locked in a position that compromises her airway. Additionally, if you’re working on sleep training and getting your infant to sleep independently, you should discontinue swaddles for babies. Independent sleepers can be placed in the crib entirely awake, without being fed, rocked, or tired, and fall asleep independently. She’ll need her hands free to do that; therefore, they shouldn’t be swaddled during that time. You’ll want to wrap your newborn at sleep until that time comes.

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