Silicone suction Bowl for Baby & Coping with Messy Mealtimes

Feeding times can be difficult and challenging, especially when you have an infant or toddler who doesn’t know the concept of staying still. How can a baby silicone suction bowl for a baby help in making mealtimes more manageable?

Durable and unbreakable

You may be treating your baby like royalty, but that doesn’t mean you should serve their meals in your favourite china set. You have to look for dinnerware that can withstand the rigours and challenges of feeding a toddler. A silicone bowl for baby is perfect for the job because it’s durable and unbreakable. It can certainly survive to fall to the ground multiple times.

Comes with suction

Did you know that you can get a silicone bowl for the baby that comes with a suction mechanism to keep it glued to the table? This prevents spills and messes and ultimately saves a lot of baby food that would otherwise end up on the floor. It makes clean-ups so much easier, too. You can count on that bowl to stay in place during feeding time.

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Unlike other materials, silicone suction bowls for babies are resistant to temperature changes. So, if you want to heat your baby’s puree or veggies, just put it on the silicone bowl and place it inside the microwave. Make sure that the bowl is already cool to the touch before giving it to your child. After mealtime, you can throw the silicone bowl straight to the dishwasher to clean it up.


Silicone is not like plastics that contain harmful chemicals that are known to cause health problems. It is a type of rubber that is considered safe by many experts. That’s why this material is used for various infant products such as teethers. You can be confident that a silicone bowl is safe for your baby. 



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