Silicone Bibs — A Wonderful Gift Idea for New Babies

Babies are difficult to feed — every parent knows this fact. No matter how hard you try, there are days when your child will end up rejecting anything you give them. Not only that—they might even make a big mess, dripping food all over their clothes, your dining table, your floor.

But alas—you have to feed your baby. It’s also essential to introduce solids at a certain age. Exposing kids to many different kinds of food helps them learn to be less picky when they grow up. 

Silicone: the best material for babies

Luckily, parents aren’t alone when it comes to dealing with the challenges of baby feeding. There are several feeding items that can help you with stressful tasks, such as silicone bibs, silicone plates, and silicone chewtensils.

What’s with all the silicone? Unlike other materials like plastic and metal, silicone is much safer, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. In fact, food-grade silicone does not harden, crack, or become brittle over time, allowing you to use them as your baby grows older.

Silicone is also incredibly resistant to damage and degradation caused by extreme temperatures, so you’ll have no problem heating silicone feeding items in the microwave. Plus, the material is lightweight and odourless, and you can take them with you on long trips.

Why you need a silicone bib

My Luxeve’s silicone bib is a popular go-to item for parents all over Australia. This product offers all the benefits of silicone-like temperature resistance and durability—all for an affordable price.

Silicone bibs are easy to tie around your baby’s neck, catching any wasted food, water, and even drool. This way, you don’t have to worry about messy dining tables and dirty laundry. All you need to do is wash the bib, and you’re all good to go!

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