Raise Your Kids’ IQ Levels

As parents, we have all wondered how we can secure our kids’ futures. One way to do that is by ensuring they are smart and intelligent. With the right kind of intellectual training, we can raise their IQ levels.

Here are some activities you can involve your kids in to improve their reasoning, problem-solving skills, planning, and overall intelligence.


Memory activities don’t only improve memory but also sharpen language and reasoning skills. Intelligence is measured by both language and reasoning. Educational toys and activities that would help with memory training are:

  1. Crossword puzzles
  2. Jigsaw puzzles for kids, like the ones My Luxeve has in stock
  3. Card matching
  4. Concentration card games
  5. Sudoku

Executive Control

Being able to control complex cognitive abilities is called executive control. Along with executive control, the executive function also includes executive regulation and management. According to experts, these are connected to fluid reasoning, which is a part of human intelligence.

Activities like brainteasers, riddles, scrabbles, and Pictionary can improve executive control.

Visuospatial reasoning

The mental processes connected to physical representations come under visuospatial reasoning.

According to experts, IQ test scores are largely impacted by an improvement in visuospatial reasoning. Both memory and executive control activities are partially employed to work on visuospatial reasoning.

Some activities used in its training are mazes, unfolded prisms, and 3-D models.

Relational Skills

Human language and cognition is developed through relational associations according to relational frame theory. By using this theory, children’s IQ scores can be greatly impacted, as it significantly improves verbal and numeric reasoning and overall IQ.

Activities that help with relational training are:

Object comparisons, for example, square versus round.

Language learning books, like, this is a bat, or that is a ball.

Comparison of amounts, for instance, dollar versus a penny.


You don’t need to be excellent at music to enjoy playing an instrument and even benefit from it. According to some experts, musicians have a better memory than others. Memory is a significant part of IQ, so making your kid pick up a musical instrument might not be such a bad idea after all.


It might come as quite a shock to you that more than half of the world’s population is surprisingly bilingual. The earlier you learn a new language, the better it is for your brain.

Cognitive skills are developed when language is learnt through interaction when a child is between 18 to 24 months old. Therefore, it is never too early to get your child started on a new language.


The benefits of reading are no secret. Reading greatly helps with developing cognitive skills. The benefits are much more significant when reading is connected to bonding activities with the parents. Reading aloud to your child helps more with language development and cognitive skills. So don’t miss out on bedtime reading to your child.

Final Thoughts

Simply consuming multivitamins or training for an IQ test won’t help improve your IQ score. Instead, focus on brain-training activities that would improve your child’s intelligence. The best way to go about this is to engage their minds by playing games and activities that help them learn new skills. You can even take the help of educational toys and puzzles for kids, such as those available at My Luxeve.

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