Rainbow Night Light
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Rainbow Night Light for your childs room

Rainbow Night Light

The ideal method to make your child’s room unique! Our night lights are a simple way to give your child’s room a personal touch. Rainbow Night Light is one of the beautiful lights which is going to illuminate your kid`s bedroom making it look different and will be loved by your kid.

About the Rainbow night light:
Rainbow night light is produced to order and is personalised with your child’s name and your chosen design. These children’s night lights would also make a wonderful present! Each one comes with a remote that allows you to select from a palette of 16 different colours, ensuring that your child feels safe and secure while they go off to sleep. They can also be used as a baby sleeps light because they are dimmable. We’ve got you covered if you need a USB adaptor.

The Rainbow Night Light is constructed of clear acrylic and etched with your personalized information.

The wood or white light base can be powered by a 3 x AA battery or a USB cable. It comes with a remote and 16 distinct colour options, as well as four distinct settings (flash, strobe, fade and smooth). Here’s a sample video. A USB cable will be included with your lamp (a USB adaptor can be purchased from us here). The light can be used without batteries if plugged into a USB wall charger or USB port.

The size is 16cm broad x 16cm height (about) (including base)

When cleaning the light, use a microfiber towel to gently wipe it down. The acrylic will be scratched by any liquids, cleaning chemicals, or abrasive objects.

Please keep in mind that these lights are for decoration only, not to be used as a toy. Keep tiny children out of reach.

Benefits of Using Night Light for Babies:

Did you realise that a night light is just as useful for children as it is for parents? While the primary function of a lamp night light for newborns is to create a soft glow that gently illuminates the surroundings without disturbing sleep, the latest models offer a wide range of capabilities that make them a valuable ally for both parents and children in a variety of scenarios.

Night lights have a wide range of useful applications in everyday life.

These are some of them:

  1. Children and small children who are terrified of the dark can be comforted.
  2. By softly illuminating the surrounding, parents can keep an eye on their infant.
  3. Recognise a familiar atmosphere to keep your toddler from weeping when he or she wakes up in the middle of the night.
  4. Make the changing table brightly lit for late-night diaper changes.

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Benefits for the Babies

There’s something about the way night lights glow that makes your room feel less lonely. And when you have little ones who are afraid of sleeping alone in their rooms, these soft illumination panels will help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer thanks to how they create a sense of familiarity with what is happening around them (the dark). When an awakened child finds themselves suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar territory after waking during middle night hours; he might be more likely able to keep himself entertained until mommy comes back than would’ve otherwise been possible without those gentle sources exposing every inch of anything within sight!

What to Look for When Purchasing a Night Light?

While baby night lights come in a variety of sizes and forms to fit your child’s age, environment, and other factors, there are a few essential elements to look for when searching for one. With babies who chew themselves to sleep on anything from their thumbs to a teddy bear to their favourite blanket, it’s critical that the night light they’ll be holding is made of certified safe materials.

Simple to Use:

A night light can help your child’s growth in a variety of ways. In addition to assisting him in getting a good night’s sleep, the lamp’s function can be a useful tool for improving his learning abilities.

While an infant will benefit from the nocturnal lighting you provide, as the child grows older, he will be able to manage this on his own. A light that is simple to operate, such as one with a series of touch controls rather than buttons, can be a beneficial opportunity for your child to learn how to use it and become more independent in this regard.

A night light, in addition to giving the type of warm, soft glow that would lull your children to sleep, is also a very practical solution for parents. My Luxeve`s Rainbow Night Light would be great for your child.

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