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3 Best Educational Gifts

Educational gifts

The age of 6 is about learning new things and progressing. The child has grown out of his or her toddler years, so now you need to buy different gifts for them than before depending on what they want rather than just picking up anything that looks good in the store because there are many educational toys available at this point! This can be tricky when choosing which ones will teach your little one more throughout each season, but we’ve got some great suggestions if you ever get stuck (or tired).

List of educational gifts:

>>Alphabet and Number Tiles – Kids Learning Toys

Our Educational Alphabet and Number Tiles are a fantastic learning tool for at-home use! They’re the ideal complement to any learning activity. You can engage in conversation with your youngster and assist them in learning to recognise numbers and letters. You may then build on this by making words or doing simple math with the numbers. Basic punctuation tiles, some basic forms, and blank tiles to write your own words, names, or symbols have also been included.

In a calico bag, each set has 108 tiles. The following information can be seen on the tiles:

– The alphabet in capital letters

– Alphabet in lowercase

– Vowels in lowercase

— Numbers 1 through 10 (2 sets)

— Numbers 11 through 20

– 6 tiles with minimal punctuation

– 5 tiles with math symbols

– 6 different tile shapes

– 4 tiles that are blank

The Alphabet and Number Tiles are 3mm plywood tiles that have been carefully prepared for small hands.

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You are purchasing a natural commodity, and each tile is handcrafted individually. There may be minor flaws in the wood that will never detract from its beauty or durability; however, it can change slightly from what you see online due to variations between batches when producing this product at home with locally sourced materials. You acknowledge these imperfections by confirming your order for them because we want all our customers to feel confident about their purchase before sending off any money!

>>Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board

Children learning to write will love our Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board! Your child’s name and the numbers 11-20 are printed on this customised Numbers Extension Learning Tracing Board.

Please draw on them using a liquid chalk pen or a whiteboard marker. Here’s where you can get liquid chalk markers. Wipe the board clean with a microfibre towel after washing it with water. The acrylic will be ruined by harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Each board can be customised to include one of the official pre-cursive fonts used in schools in each state.


If you prefer a different typeface, please let us know.

Please double-check your child’s name spelling and font choices in the fields above. Once your order has been finalised, no adjustments may be made. The acrylic is 3mm thick and clear. A4 in size.

Please only use the pen that has been recommended to write on the smooth side of the board. When gazing at the board, the smooth side is the side that is not backwards. Any form of the pen will permanently soak into the acrylic if written on the raised side that has been lasered, and it will not be able to be erased. This is your duty, and the product will not be replaced if this occurs.

Please wash or remove any writing off the acrylic board within 12 hours to eliminate ghosting.

You see there are quite a many best learning toys for 6-year-old. The learning would become a fun session for them. This would help them to learn it faster with interest.

>>Liquid Chalk Marker – Chalk Marker

Our tracing boards are ideal for liquid chalk markers. They leave a rich colour on our tracing boards and are easy to remove with water. The eight colours available are red, green, orange, white, pink, yellow, blue, and purple. When you buy the entire set of eight markers, you save over $6!

To use the chalk marker, push the tip firmly against the paper. It’s possible that you’ll have to do this a few times before you see the pen colour coming through the tip. Note that the tip can be rounded or pointed; to change the pen style, pull the entire tip out and flip it.

The above list would make it easier for you to select the best educational gifts for 6 years old. My Luxeve offers the best quality products and deals with children’s products. We`re quite cautious of a child`s safety.

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