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The creative world of clay is now at your fingertips! With this rich set, you can create 15 creatures- from silly birds to hilarious animals. The high-quality material means they’re soft and lightweight, so even little ones can make beautiful sculptures without any trouble whatsoever; plus, it comes in six unique types (Pheasant, Toucan, Penguin, Ara, Parrot, Dove & Peacock). Downloading an app gives kids full access using the promo code included in the box. It teaches them how rolling perfect spheres or cylinders comes easy when working on their creations while also learning valuable techniques such as facial features, texture etc.

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  • 15 cans of high-quality clay
  • 2 modelling tools
  • Interactive app for moulding 6 professional-quality figurines
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity
  • Create 6 goofy bird figurines – Pheasant, toucan, penguin, ara parrot, dove, peacock.
  • Clay dries and hardens when left out for 24 hours.


22cm x 19cm x 8cm


3 years +


Clay dries and hardens when left out for 24 hours.

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Hey Clay Birds Set

tomy clay birds set

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