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Every parent wishes for their child to develop into a bright and creative individual. They provide educational and early learning toys and resources in their baby’s room to encourage their child’s budding interest in writing or drawing. It will be easier for them if they have access to a writing medium.

My Luxeve provides specifically chosen learning toys and materials for your child. We have customised tracing boards and colourful chalk markers individually or in bundles. Children learning to write will love our acrylic Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack! Our bundle packs of childrens learning toys will save you money by providing you with two, three, or four boards at a lowered price.
You may personalise them with a name or leave them blank, and you can select from first and last names, alphabets, numerals, or shapes. Our tracing boards are ideal for liquid chalk markers.
They leave a bright colour on our tracing boards and are easy to remove with water. With this beautiful and simple-to-use CVC Word Board, you can test your child’s reading, writing, and sight word recognition.