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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the swaddle come with a beanie?

Yes, the swaddle set comes with a matching beanie and storage bag.

How do I take care of the swaddle set?

The recommended care instructions are to wash the swaddle and beanie before using. Make sure to set your washing machine on a normal or gentle cold machine wash. Alternatively, cold hand wash separately. Do not soak. bleach or tumble dry. Line dry.


What are some different swaddling techniques?

There are many good reasons to swaddle your baby, but if you have struggled with it and aren’t sure what the problem could be, here are 7 different methods that you could try:

  • Feeding Cues Swaddle.
  • Hands Up Swaddle.
  • Bat Wings Swaddle.
  • Houdini Swaddle.
  • Arms Only Swaddle.
  • Burrito Wrap Swaddle.
  • Preemie Swaddle.

It is so important to provide your baby with the best possible environment for sleep. This includes ensuring they are on a firm surface, wear appropriate clothes relating to their temperature as well as an area free from suffocation.


What is the swaddle made from?

The swaddle, beanie and bag are made from GOTS certified 100% Jersey Cotton. The material is soft, stretchy, lightweight and breathable. Each swaddle is 120cm x 120cm.

Swaddles are a great product for any family with a newborn. Designed to comfort your child and help them feel secure when they sleep, a swaddle is a cloth wrap that goes around your child to keep them nice and snug.

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