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It’s past bedtime, a time that all parents fear at some point in their lives. Bedtime can be a challenge for young kids – and with the right night light as your little helper, it can be much easier. We at My Luxeve have a range of kids plug-in night lights that come in various shapes and designs. You could involve your child and let them choose from animals to different vehicles. These can also be fun and keep visitors entertained at your children’s sleepover events. Place a rotating Tank night light beside your child’s bed to give them comfort as they fall asleep. Or maybe a space night light providing the feel of intergalactic space, you can help your son enjoy the feeling of floating off into space. With our boys’ set of night lights, you can help everyone in the house fall asleep quicker.
Shop for different night lights at My Luxeve. Boy, Girl, Unisex, Customised, Cities, Transport, Animals and Sports.