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My Luxeve is family owned and operated. We believe one of the most valuable ways to help your child is by learning through play. All of the educational items we stock are open ended; Montessori inspired and create a number of learning opportunities. We only want to provide items that are safe, helpful, and bring you and your family joy.




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Play-Based Learning with My Luxeve

Are you a parent of a young child? Are you concerned about their mental, social, and emotional growth? Then you need to know a few important insights on the best ways to help your child grow in all those aspects. The early years of a child are the most important in terms of growth. It is during this time that the foundation of their thinking capacity is developed.

As a parent of a very young child, it is important that you engage them in activities that encourage them to use their cognitive and motor skills. Play-based learning is the most effective way of engaging your child in such activities. From telling stories and solving puzzles, to using music and playing creative games can all help in the development of a child’s innate skills and personality.

At My Luxeve, we believe that parents can play a significant role in their child’s development if they have access to the right tools. That is why we offer a carefully curated catalogue of toys and other accessories that will help you provide the best childhood experience for your little ones . As a family-owned and run business, we ensure that a variety of learning opportunities are created for your children with our support.

Keep reading below to learn all the value that you can gain from My Luxeve collection:

Memory Building with My Luxeve

At My Luxeve, we believe that many forms of play can not only improve memory but also sharpen your child’s language and reasoning skills. That is why we offer multiple playful and educational toys and activities that provides this type of benefit for your child. These include our alphabet learning tiles, my first site tiles and our silicone stacking blocks

My Luxeve Puzzles for Toddlers

Puzzles help children develop an understanding of shapes and visuals by implementing problem-solving skills, and providing an opportunity to solve a problem by trial and error. You can find excellent quality wooden and silicone-based puzzles for toddlers from our collection of Montessori Products. Let’s learn more about the benefits of puzzles for child development:

1. Encourage Curiosity and Develop Critical Thinking Skills

If you introduce your child to puzzles from a young age, they will grow up with a mind that is curious. They will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The puzzles will push them to come with creative solutions. They will enhance their visual sensors as well as boost their thinking capacities.

Moreover, they will grow up to be an adult who remains curious and has the ability to come up with creative solutions to different problems. While engaging in play, your child will not only have fun but will develop a variety of skills.

2. Gain Executive Control

Being able to control complex cognitive abilities refers to having executive control. Along with executive control, the executive function also includes executive regulation and management. According to experts, these are connected to enable reasoning, which is a part of human intelligence. Interactive play such as puzzles and creative drawing and writing activities can enhance visuospatial reasoning, which is related to IQ scoring

3. Develop the Foundation of Relational Skills

According to relational frame theory, human language and cognition is developed through relational associations. By using this theory, children’s IQ scores can be greatly impacted, as it significantly improves verbal and numeric reasoning and overall IQ.

Activities that help with relational training include object comparisons, for example, square versus round while picking the right piece for the puzzle.

4. Instill a Problem-Solving Attitude

By introducing your child to puzzles, you’ll be setting them up to become adaptive problem solvers. Help them become exited and engaged in the process and join in on the fun. You’ll not only have an opportunity to bond, but help them understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

The more your child engages with these puzzle games, the more they’ll develop their problem-solving skills. Start them on easy puzzles and then gradually increase the difficulty level as they get comfortable. Children love challenges, and solving them helps boost their confidence and self-esteem. 

Montessori Kids Toys By My Luxeve

Our Montessori kids’ toys collection is one of the most popular among parents of toddlers. The Silicone Stacking Blocks are our all-time best sellers. These are ideal early learning toys for toddlers as they come in a set of 12. These toys are mainly for stacking games, but they can be used as teething toys

The stacking blocks are soft and easy to handle. The blocks are suitable for a variety of games relevant to the age of your child. These blocks can be used for teething in the early years. Then, you can use them to teach color recognition. These blocks are also excellent for enhancing your child’s hand-eye coordination, as well as several counting and problem-solving games. Overall, these stacking blocks are versatile and a lot of fun.

1. Personalized Tracing Board Bundle Pack

Our personalized tracing board bundle pack offers a kid’s writing board that you can use to teach your kids a lot of skills. Your child can learn to make shapes and write on this tracing board. It can be used for drawing different figures or practicing the alphabet. This board is versatile because it will act as a canvas for your child to be creative with. Leave your child with this tracing board, and witness wonders unfold.

2. Personalized Alphabet Learning Tracing Board

This specialised board is created specifically for the purpose of teaching growing kids the alphabet. If your child is old enough to be introduced to writing, then this board is the perfect place for you to start. It will help them learn and identify different letters and acquire early reading skills.

3. Blank Writing and Drawing Board

If your child has a budding artist inside them, then let them explore their artistic capabilities by getting them our drawing board. Art is an excellent way to help children grow cognitive and creative skills. So, don’t wait any further and get this set today.

Stimulating & Skill-Building Toys for Babies by My Luxeve

Babies are especially eager to learn more about the world around them. They are intrigued by every shape, texture, color, taste, and sound around them. It is especially important to give your baby different toys that are safe and those that help stimulate their senses. The colors and sounds that rattles make might attract them, but they explore toys that help build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they grow.

Every toy available to them helps build different skills. Some of the best educational toys you could get for them are discussed below.:

1. Stacking Blocks

Blocks might seem like the most basic of toys, but they are anything but boring. Your little one would enjoy building and stacking while improving on motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It’s a toy that has been around for centuries and needs to be part of every child’s toy box.

They would learn to stack blocks high, create different structures, and learn cause and effect by destroying them. The best blocks to start with are the large to improve dexterity and made of silicone for durability and safety.

2. Rainbow Toys

Introducing babies to colors is really important, and it is best to start with a few basic colors at first. This silicone rainbow of primary colors by My Luxeve is versatile and perfect for your baby. They can use it for color recognition, counting, learning a new shape, and with no holes in them, they can also be used for water or bath play.

Another benefit to this toy is that it can be used as a teether – you can also freeze these toys  to help with sore gums

3. Colourful Planks

These are wooden toys that are nifty  and are open-ended for babies to experiment with. They can use it to stack, sort, or build their own small world during imaginative play. These help babies identify colour, sort different sizes, develop hand-eye coordination along with balance, imagination, and building skills.

4. Spatial Cubes

Spatial cubes come in a different number of pieces and shades and can be stacked or sculpted. They help a baby with imaginative play and explain the concept of spatial learning to them.

5. Easy Puzzles

Puzzles teach children about how each tiny piece comes together to make a whole picture. They help the child develop shape recognition, concentrate better, be patient, and give them a sense of achievement when they succeed. One item that matches this description is our Frog life cycle puzzle

Other Helpful Activities for Children

Take a look at some of the other activities that will help your child develop their cognitive and motor skills:

1. Reading

The benefits of reading are no secret. Reading greatly helps with developing cognitive skills. The benefits are much more significant when reading is connected to bonding activities with the parents. Reading aloud to your child helps more with language development and cognitive skills. So, don’t miss out on bedtime reading to your child.

2. Music

You don’t need to be excellent at music to enjoy playing an instrument and even benefit from it. According to some experts, musicians have  better memory than others. Memory is a significant part of your IQ, so making your kid pick up a musical instrument might not be such a bad idea after all.

3. Languages

It might come as quite a shock to you that more than half of the world’s population is surprisingly bilingual. The earlier you learn a new language, the better it is for your brain.

Cognitive skills are most developed when language is learnt through interaction when a child is between 18 to 24 months old. Therefore, it is never too early to get your child started on a new language.

Night Lights to Help Your Child Move to their Own Room

Kids who are growing up and moving into their own rooms often do need a night light to feel comfortable at night. When they transition into sleeping alone in their own space, it can be difficult for them to adjust. This is also the age when kids get introduced to the concept of fear and anxiety. Getting a kids’ night light for them ensures that this transition becomes a little easier and more comfortable for them.

At My Luxeve, we offer the best kids’ night lights for you to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for a small night lamp for kids, or a dim night light for the side table, we offer it all. Still not convinced whether your kid needs a night light? Keep reading to find out more about its benefits:

Better Sleep

The biggest benefit of getting a night lamp for kids is that they sleep more peacefully. The mellow night light calms them down and helps them fall asleep. It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance that allows them to dose  off immediately.

Moreover, the night lights also ensure that your child doesn’t experience disrupted sleep. The consistent light and environment prevent any disturbance to their senses.

Prevents Night Anxiety

When kids first start sleeping on their own, they may develop a feeling of fear and anxiety when the day shifts to night, or the thought of being alone might also trigger their nervous response. Night lights become a source of comfort and allows your child to cozy up in their new environment.

Kids who are afraid of the dark especially appreciate such a light. So, if your child is having trouble getting used to sleeping in their own room, we highly recommend getting a kids’ night light for them. If they wake up in the middle of the night or need to go to the loo, the night light will allow them to manage it on their own.

Give Your Child the Best Learning Opportunities through Play

At My Luxeve, we believe that educational toys don’t improve development but provide an opportunity for bonding between parent and child. Check out the wide range of toys and accessories that we offer to support your kid’s learning journey.

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