Montessori Educational Toys For Developing Children

Best and Guaranteed Quality of Montessori Baby Toys

A growing child needs stimulation and inviting learning opportunities to help encourage their learning. By surrounding your developing child with toys that are simple, clutter-free, limited in colours, and have a clear-cut structure they will have the best chance at discovering new concepts.

Montessori toys are all this and more. The good thing is that a lot of scientific research and diligent work has gone behind the design of Montessori baby toys.  

My Luxeve takes the pleasure to announce its comprehensive range of wooden Montessori baby toys.  

– All our toys are based on real-life scenarios or objects. 

– Our toys are meant to provide a platform for the little one to find answers to their curiosity.

– All our designs are based on authentic, simple Montessori concepts and learnings.

– All Montessori toys aim to encourage an understanding of  basic life skills.  

Our Montessori wooden toys are all made from natural wood that has been minimally processed. When you buy from us, there is a promise that they have been made from materials like natural wood and Silicone that are harmless for your child. Purchase from our e-store is a guarantee that your child is in the safest hands, and can be left on his own to play with the toys. 

We have a range of Montessori products that are designed and made by us. Our products are made from Rubberwood, Plantation Timber, and other woods derived from natural sources and treated with harmless chemicals.  

Our range is a balanced set of choices that offers parents Montessori toys, for example, stacking gems, wooden number boards and various Montessori puzzles. We have minutely detailed the design and development work to help our little ones learn essential skills about critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, patience, and perseverance.  

Our products are designed to  help growing kids in firming up their foundation knowledge about numbers, colours, shapes, and sizes. For all-round development of the child in their growing years, go ahead and bring home the Montessori baby toys from My Luxeve. 

We understand your doubts and confusion regarding getting your child the best quality play-sets. Since we are parents to young growing kids, we understand how insecure parents are about trusting just about any material where their kids are concerned. From our end, we have put in our best to ensure that your kids get the most educative and entertaining toys at our online store.