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Children learn through play Montessori Toys

What is a Montessori Toy?

A Montessori toy is one that encourages children to experiment in order to stimulate their learning. They should be a toy they can hold and manipulate, as learning to manipulate objects is essential for children’s fine motor development. The toy should also allow kids to work autonomously at their own speed and express themselves creatively. A box of Legos, for example, could be called a Montessori toy. Children learn how to piece together different blocks to make structures and vehicles and are pushed to utilise their imagination to create through trial and error. A specific Lego set, on the other hand, would not be considered a Montessori toy because it requires children to follow specific instructions in order to produce only one possible outcome. There are many Montessori toys at My Luxeve for children of any age. These toys can assist children to better prepare for a lifetime of learning and build on their imaginative play.

Benefits of My Luxeve Montessori toys:

Montessori Means Learning Through Play Dr Maria Montessori’s groundbreaking research on how children learn through play resulted in the Montessori curriculum. Each toy was fine-tuned via trial and error to fit the child’s changing demands, pique their interest, and provide the circumstances for engaging play and profound learning. Embodied Learning Montessori is known as ‘embodied education’ because it encourages students to learn by doing and using as many of their senses as possible. Children learn more quickly and efficiently when they are free to wander around. Both motor and cognitive development are intertwined, and mobility enables both to thrive. Creativity Developing Innovators, Montessori education, according to Harvard researcher Tony Wagner, is a “route to creativity,” with some of today’s greatest innovators having a Montessori background. Independence When given the proper tools, babies amaze us with their ability, from self-feeding to mastering a difficult toy. Through the intentional design of each object, the structure of the playroom, and the way the adult interacts with the child, Montessori encourages independence and self-direction. Perseverance Children learn best when the work in front of them is neither too simple nor too tough, but somewhere in the middle. The Montessori curriculum is carefully planned and timed to keep youngsters in this delightful zone of just-right difficulty. When a new toy is offered, the youngster initially struggles with the new ability, practising and eventually mastering it. This fosters positive self-esteem and a ‘growth mindset,’ or the belief that by overcoming obstacles, individuals can enhance their skills and intelligence. Concentration and Flow When given developmentally appropriate toys and uninterrupted time to explore, babies can focus for long amounts of time. All future learning depends on your ability to concentrate. As adults, it is our responsibility to promote concentration as a talent that can be learned.

My Luxeve has many Montessori Toy ranges like:

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