Jersey cotton swaddle designed for your baby

Jersey Cotton Swaddle

Infant swaddle

Our infant swaddle blankets are durable, and you may use them for various purposes other than swaddling. They can be used as a tummy time playmat, a burp cloth worn over the parent’s shoulder, sunscreen, a coverlet in the pram or on a toddler’s bed, and a privacy throw when feeding a baby, for example. Our toddler swaddles typically become their favourite cuddle blanket as babies get older.

Is swaddling done with receiving blankets?

Swaddling is impossible with standard receiving blankets because they are too tiny. The receiving infant swaddle used to wrap your baby at the hospital is quite small and is only suitable for swaddling a newborn or a baby for a few days. Receiving blankets are rectangular, making it difficult for new parents to produce a properly secure swaddle. They are also too tiny for swaddling beyond a few days.

The best swaddle blankets, like My Luxeve‘s toddler swaddles, are square and big enough to swaddle a baby for several months or until he or she shows symptoms of turning over. They should also be light and breathable while being warm. Because infants will quickly outgrow receiving blankets, multipacks of inexpensive little receiving blankets are not a wise purchase.

What is the ideal size for a swaddling blanket?

To make swaddling easier, a swaddling blanket should be at least 42″ × 42″ in size and square in shape, with enough fabric to fold into itself to secure it. The swaddle blanket should not be larger than 47″ x 47″ because too much extra fabric makes it difficult to hold and makes the folds or wrapping steps of a good secure swaddle difficult to complete.

Is using a swaddling blanket as a crib sheet acceptable?

A swaddle should not be used as a crib sheet. These sheets require elastic in the corners of crib sheets to keep the sheet taut and secure on the mattress. A large swaddle should not be used as a crib sheet since it may untuck and cause entanglement.

Jersey cotton swaddle:

Our Jersey infant swaddle is composed entirely of silky cotton jerseys. They’re a little thicker than a muslin swaddle and have a little elasticity to them, making them a little simpler to deal with. This is the way to go if your baby is especially antsy, or you need a little more time to perfect your swaddle technique. Jersey wraps are a terrific alternative for when you need a little more warmth and snuggling for your baby because they are thicker than their muslin cousin and provide more warmth.

Swaddling and its benefits:

Swaddling is when you wrap a blanket over your infant so tightly that they can’t move. There are a few key advantages:

  1. When a newborn is frightened, they have an inbuilt reflex called the Moro reflex, which leads your child to extend his arms and legs out. A swaddle inhibits the startle reaction from waking them up by keeping their arms close to their sides.
  2. Swaddles provide a womb-like atmosphere for your baby, making them feel safe and secure.
  3. Swaddling is a safe technique to keep your baby warm while they sleep without the risk of suffocation from loose blankets.


Swaddle safety:

Yes, swaddling your infant is safe and can be an excellent approach to relaxing your baby and The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that you promote sleep in swaddles. When you put your baby down to sleep, make sure they are on their back, but this is especially critical when they are swaddled.

Is it necessary to swaddle my baby?

Swaddling can be an effective method for relaxing a fussy infant, so it’s worth investing some time, effort (and money) to see if it works for you but it is not necessary. While some newborns enjoy being swaddled, others do not, so if yours is one of the latter, feel free to avoid it. Before you give up on swaddling altogether, keep in mind that it may take a few tries or various swaddle blankets to find what works best for you.

If your child has hip dysplasia (a broad term for baby hip instability, dislocation, or shallowness that occurs in around one in ten children after birth) or other hip disorders that may be aggravated by swaddling, you should consult your paediatrician.

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