How a Baby Night Light Can Help You and Your Babies

Young kids need enough sleep to promote their development, allowing them to grow healthier. Sleep also helps improve a baby’s immune system, decreasing the risk of infection and life-threatening diseases.

But sometimes, rocking your baby to sleep is not enough. Many parents have trouble getting their child to fall asleep, only to wake up to loud cries and a fussy baby.

Solve the problem with a baby night light

Parents need all the help they can get when it’s finally time for bed. There are common methods, such as rocking and playing lullabies to help children feel relaxed. A light massage can also soothe a fussy baby and calm them down. But there’s another solution that may be helpful: A baby night light.

Night lights provide just the right amount of illumination inside a room—bright enough to keep your baby relaxed while still dark enough not to cause a distraction.

Night lights are also known to improve a baby’s sleep-wake cycle. They affect the circadian rhythm (or the body clock) by producing just enough light not to inhibit melatonin production.

On top of that, night lights help prevent kids from having nightmares especially if they’re afraid of the dark. Plus, they can help you see better after putting your baby to sleep, so you can avoid knocking into objects and waking up the baby all over again.

If you’re looking for high-quality baby night lights, consider looking through My Luxeve’s extensive catalogue. We offer night lights with various themes and patterns, such as rainbows, floral designs, and construction sets.

The do’s and don’ts of using a baby night light

Make sure to take care of your night light once you buy it. Place it at a safe distance from your baby’s sleep area, prevent it from glowing too bright, and use warm colours like red and yellow to promote better sleep!

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