Buy Gift Cards for Friends or Loved Ones

Interesting Gift Vouchers from My Luxeve

Welcoming a bundle of joy in the family is a joyous moment. But, if you have missed buying an ideal gift for the little one, no worries! We are there for you our gift voucher is a perfect gift for such occasions.

We have gifts for kids of all ages. The vouchers can be sent across all parts of the Australia. We will reach where you have not been able to due to your schedule. The best part is that we offer five different types of gift vouchers:

  • Just Because Gift card can be redeemed at the online store of My Luxeve, we have a range of product categories – Montessori toys, educational items, bundles, feeding items, and teething toys. 
  • New Baby gift card is a perfect gift for just-born infants. The cards are the right backup for your physical absence or a last-minute trip to meet a newly-arrived baby in the family or your social circle. 
  • Congrats gift cards are age-appropriate cards that work as a perfect gift for a 1-year-old boy or gift for a 1-year-old girl. Birthday gift cards can be gifted to kids of all ages and can be used to buy educational gifts for kids or any other age-appropriate child toys and accessories.
  • The Thank You Gift Card is another category of the gift voucher that can be given to anyone in your family or friends – they are one of the pleasant ways to express your gratitude for an act or a word of kindness.

Do you know the joyous part of buying the educational gifts voucher and the other cards from our store? For every purchase, you too get bonus points that are redeemable at our store! 

– When you buy a $75 gift card, you are gifted a bonus card of $10.

– When you buy a $100 gift card, you are gifted a bonus card of $15.

My Luxeve is an online store run by a couple who are parents to two young kids. Having experienced different challenges in their parental journey, they devised this store to help other parents get the finest quality of toys and kid accessories at best rates.