Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

Life is slowly edging back to normal during these uncertain times, but kids are still spending a lot more time than usual at home. Finding activities to keep them busy yet engaged is becoming quite a task, but we’ve got you covered with some fun learning activities for kids that will keep them busy all day.

Craft Stick Puzzles

Instead of boring flashcards, grab some craft sticks and create these puzzles with your kids. Here’s what you will need:

  • Craft Sticks
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Marker

Ask your kids to paint the sticks whatever colour they like, and then you can write different words on them that make complete sentences. For instance ‘My name is Tom,’ they would put these four sticks together and make a complete sentence.

Treasure Hunt

Map-reading skills – a thing of the past? No way! Sharpen those young minds with a treasure hunt. Hide a treasure and create a map for the kids to find it. Or even better is if they hide something from you and draw the map all by themselves. This would keep them busy all afternoon and would be a breath of fresh air if you do it in the backyard.

State Font Boards

If your kids are young and preparing for school, Educational Writing Boards are great learning for toddlers and one of the best educational toy you can get them. The tracing boards help with early literacy learning, speech, recognizing different shapes and numbers as well as improve fine motor skills. You can even get them in different pre-cursive fonts of your choice.

Chalk Letters

If you have a sidewalk you can draw on with chalk, write the alphabets and ask your kids to hop on different letters to make words. This would get their brains and bodies working at the same time!

Memory Game

This is another game that helps with two skills at once. Grab some cards and write the word on one card and the definition on another and ask your kids to pair the right word and meaning together. You could also do with antonyms and synonyms.

Math Game

Math and game together, the kids are going to go running. But how about we make it fun? All you need are some bottle caps and a marker. Write an easy math question on the top, like “3 x 8” and write the answer on the bottom. If they get the answer right, they get to keep the top, if not it stays in the pile. At the end, whichever kid has the most bottle caps wins and gets a reward.


Gardening is a fun, outdoorsy activity you can do with the kids. Children learn about science and different plants and fruits and also develop their new skills. They appreciate the food they eat as they realize how much effort goes into growing every single thing. You could use garden markers to mark different herbs and vegetables you are growing and the kids can always come back to check on them. My Luxeve has some fun laser-etched vegetable and herb garden markers.

With these fun learning activities for kids, you can keep them busy and even take a bit of a breather in between while they have fun by themselves.

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