Best Educational Toys and Games for Children

My Luxeve Range of Wooden Education Toys That Encourage Kids to Become Multi-Skilled

My Luxeve presents a luxurious range of educational toys for kids. The creatively designed toys are meant to inculcate different types of skills in your little ones. This is the opportune time to tell you that a lot of thought has gone into making these educational toys; even the experiences of our parenthood has been infused to make realistic toys that help our young ones in learning key skills.

My Luxeve introduces early educational toys for toddlers 

Educational toys for toddlers is the perfect way to develop the three senses of your baby – touch and feel, hearing to identify, and sight for enhanced hand-eye coordination. To achieve this, we have made use of bright and vibrant colours, while care has also been taken to choose hues that have an earthly feel to them.  

Buy education games from My Luxeve to not only keep your kids entertained, but also to help them enhance important life skills like problem-solving, motor skills, memorisation skills, and identification skills. It all leads to boosting the Intelligence Quotient of the little one. We also have fun educational games that your kids can share and play with other kids. In the process, strengthen their social bonding and emotional intelligence.  

We also have indoor educational games that help our kids appreciate nature, experiment with their small little hands, and indulge in lots of imaginative work that encourage their creativity skills. 

Then there is the collection of educational board games for kids like the Natural Counting Board, and the Geo Tracing Board that help pre-schoolers learn counting and shapes.  

Our range of toys is meant to enrich the lives of our small ones and have hence, been made with extreme care and caution; love and passion. 

My Luxeve presents wooden educational toys 

Our entire range of educational toys for kids has been made from the best quality natural wood. The coloured parts are all painted with non-toxic paints that are completely safe for toddlers.  

The entire range has been made from different types of natural wood. For example, the Wooden Stacking Gems have been made from beech wood, while our cute Australia Wildlife and Landscape toy is made from plantation timber. The wood in all cases has been processed with natural and non-toxic materials making the entire range of educational wooden toys child-safe.  

The safety of the little bundle of joys is our primary focus. When we create educational toys for toddlers, we make sure that every little care is taken to meet the expectations of the parent community and help the little ones develop their skills in the most harmonious ways.