Get Exciting, Educational, and Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas for Children!

It’s almost Christmas time, and you know what that means—the season of gift-giving is coming near! From putting up your holiday decorations to spending time with your family, there’s so much to do and you might find it difficult to sneak out and buy presents. Things become even harder when you can’t leave your toddler alone at home. Thankfully, there’s still a way to get the best gifts without having to travel too far.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for your children, educational toys are the best way to go. These toys can help your kids hone their creativity, motor, and problem-solving skills. It’s even better if the toys are handmade since they are durable and of higher quality.

Need some ideas for the most exciting educational toys to give as Christmas gifts? This list has got you covered:

Tracing Boards

Handmade tracing boards come in many variations, from the alphabet to numbers and even shapes. These educational toys are the perfect tool for early childhood learning. It will help your kids familiarise themselves with writing letters and drawing figures.

Stacking Boards

Looking for a way to keep study time fun and engaging? Buy wooden stacking boards as a Christmas present! Not only do these handmade toys develop your child’s problem-solving skills—they also help improve their motor skills. You can get stacking blocks for shapes, colours, and even numbers.


Wooden puzzles have always been in the arsenal of parents and teachers alike. These educational toys are the best for a child’s development. They help improve skills such as shape recognition, concentration, and goal setting. Plus, puzzles encourage kids to use their hands and eyes to complete the whole picture.

Relieve yourself from the stresses of Christmas shopping and purchase all of these educational toys online! Some retailers even offer special Christmas collections that you can add to your shopping list to get your family into the holiday spirit.

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