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Early Learning toys for your child

Toys for Your Child

If you’re a parent of a toddler or a young child, then you would want to help your kid grow and develop different skills from a young age. This can be done through a lot of play-based activities. If you want to engage your child in play that helps them grow, then consider getting them toys that encourage that.

My Luxeve is a store that offers many different types of toys to help develop your child’s mental, emotional and cognitive skills. We have an interesting selection for kids from early childhood up until they become more mature! Our products encourage creativity with challenge them in various ways which will allow you to observe how much knowledge has been gained by simply playing around with our items.

So, if you’re ready to help your child develop and grow, then check out our educational toys for kids below!

Montessori Kids Toys

Our Montessori kid’s toys collection is one of the most popular among parents of toddlers. The Silicone Stacking Blocks are our all-time bestsellers. These are ideal early learning toys for toddlers as they come in a set of 12. These toys are mainly for stacking games, but they can also be used as teething toys.  

Stacking blocks are an awesome and versatile toy that can be used for many purposes. For example, they’re perfect in the early years when your child is learning to grip things with both hands while holding onto their own body weight at all times! These stackable soft shapes make great teething toys because they feel soft on babies’ gums (and rougher skin). You could even teach colour recognition by placing each block next to another; then after a while you’ll know what comes next without having to think too hard- just remember which side faces up/down 🙂

Personalized Tracing Board Bundle Pack

Our personalized tracing board bundle pack offers a kid’s writing board that you can use to teach your kids a lot of skills. Your child can learn to make shapes and write on this tracing board. It can be used for drawing different figures or practising the alphabet. This board is versatile because it will act as a canvas for your child to be creative with. Leave your child with this tracing board, and witness wonders unfold.

Personalized Alphabet Learning Tracing Board

If you are looking for an educational board that will help your child learn the alphabet, then this is it! The specially designed design of these boards allows kids to practice identifying different alphabets and acquiring early reading skills.

Blank Writing and Drawing Board

If your child has a budding artist inside them, then let them explore their artistic capabilities by getting them our drawing board. Art is an excellent way to help children grow cognitive and creative skills. So, don’t wait for any further and get this set today.

Visit My Luxeve for Early Learning Toys

My Luxeve offers a range of early learning toys for you to choose from. These toys will help your child grow and acquire skills from a young age. Check out our educational toys here!

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