3 Key Characteristics to Consider When Choosing Early Education Toys

Coined by Maria Montessori, the Montessori philosophy is based on encouraging children to explore the world around them. Play is a key part of that exploration and something that you could never ignore. And this is where the importance of Montessori toys comes.

A Montessori toy is one that stimulates learning by encouraging kids to experiment. It should be a toy that they can hold and touch, and also give them the opportunity to work independently and use their creativity.

With so many types of toys available, how to pick the right early education toys for your kid? Here are a few toy characteristics to consider:

     1. Montessori toys are simple 

The best toys that you can give your little ones are simple. Your child is trying to make sense of this wonderful world they have so recently come upon. They learn best when you give them proper information. For instance, a simple puzzle with a circle, a triangle and a square in three different hues will give proper information about shapes. These are three essential geometric structures to distinguish between.

3 Key Characteristics to Consider When Choosing Early Education Toys

As they take the pieces out and put them away, they learn about the relationship between the three. And without the distraction of decorative faces or random shapes, they come to know that these shapes are related to each other. When too much information is offered in one toy, children can’t decipher the important elements of the activity. 

     2.These toys are based on reality

Before the age of six, a child’s brain is not capable of distinguishing between fantasy and reality. And to develop real imagination and a secure relationship to their world, first, they need to learn what the world really is. So, you should let them read books about real things.

Wooden puzzles for toddlers

And you will give them toys with real consequences. Skip the boxes with buttons and knobs that cause random noises. Rather pick toys with true consequences like Silicone Rainbow Stacker, Prime Coloured Planks, Red Spatial Cube, etc.

         3.They are made of natural materials

When it comes to choosing an ABC learning toy, try to pick the ones that are made out of natural materials. A rattle made from metal or wood will give your baby more information about the real world than a plastic one. Metal is cool to touch at first and then warms in their hand, while wood provides different textures. And both wood and metal have an interesting “taste” for the kid

3 Key Characteristics to Consider When Choosing Early Education Toys

Conversely, plastic always has the same temperature, and no taste, except an artificial feel. Besides, metal and wood provide an interesting weight when your toddler is working with balls, puzzles, and similar types of toys. Based on the size, they will vary in feel and weight, where plastic tends to need a larger change for a distinct change in weight.

3 Key Characteristics to Consider When Choosing Early Education Toys

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