Montessori Rainbow Stacker — The Perfect Toy for Learning Babies

Montessori Rainbow Stacker

When it comes to early education, the Montessori Method is one of the best programs for kids. You’ve most likely come across this term once or twice. After all, Montessori education is very popular for several reasons.

The Montessori Method involves a healthy learning atmosphere where everything is tidy, pleasing, and simple. Each element in the environment has a purpose, thereby contributing to the overall development of the child.

What makes Montessori education different from other programs is that it encourages the use of tangible materials. Toys are common in a Montessori environment—but these aren’t just regular toys you can find in any shop. They are specially designed to allow kids to explore and develop cognitive skills.

One example of such educational toys is the Montessori rainbow stacker. Learn how this toy plays a role in a child’s learning experience:

  1. It encourages exploration.Children are naturally curious. They’ll tend to ask questions, explore their surroundings, and touch just about anything they can get their hands on. Parents and teachers need to encourage this curiosity to help fuel a young learner’s interests.

    Montessori rainbow stackers are the perfect educational toys. They’re fun and colourful, enticing kids to play with them instead of other household items. On top of their unique appearance, rainbow stackers are multi-functional—they can be sorted, stacked, or built, allowing kids to create different shapes and become more imaginative.

  2. It is versatile.Montessori rainbow stackers are made of wood, a versatile and long-lasting material. Unlike metal toys, they don’t pose any risk of injury to your loved one, and unlike plastic, wooden rainbow stackers are safer for both kids and the environment.
  3. It’s affordable.Thanks to wood’s durability, Montessori rainbow stackers can last you for several years. You can hand them down to your future kids and grandkids or even use them as decoration for your baby’s new room!

    Wooden rainbow stackers are truly special. Each piece is handmade, ensuring that there’s no other product that is exactly the same as the one you have.

Sustainable and Durable Wooden Toys – A Perfect Option for Children of All Ages!

Sustainable and Durable Wooden Toys

Before plastic became cheap and popular, children’s toys were traditionally made of wood by skilled craftsmen. And those toys haven’t lost their charm. These days, wooden toys are still sought-after by parents all over the world. It’s time you invested in a set, too. They’re the perfect option for children of all ages. Today’s manufacturers use wood to craft toys such as tracing boards, puzzles, and stacking blocks.

What makes wooden toys so unique? Here are some of their advantages:

Sustainable and Safe

Perhaps the most significant advantage of wooden toys is their eco-friendliness. Most toys nowadays are made of plastic, which isn’t good for the environment. Plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, filling up landfills and littering the ocean. On the other hand, wood is a natural material, making it biodegradable and sustainable.

Additionally, wooden toys are much safer for your kids than any other material. They don’t pose any health risks like plastic in case children decide to put toys inside their curious mouths, and they aren’t made with sharp corners.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Most toys aren’t made to last because children eventually outgrow them. However, wooden toys are a different case. They can take a beating—even if your kids constantly bang them on the table or drop them to the floor. They are perfect if you want to save up on cash, pass the toys down for the generations to come.


Thanks to the durability and sustainability of wooden toys, you barely ever have to buy replacements. Even if they have a higher upfront cost, wooden toys are a significant investment that could save you money for years. If the toys ever scratch or fade, simply repaint them and they’re good as new!