Top 5 Best Educational Toy At My Luxeve

Top 5 Best Educational Toy At My Luxeve

Often at My Luxeve, we are asked about “What type of toys do you have that teach youngsters how to count?” It is never too early to begin teaching numbers, counting, and even basic math to youngsters with the help of the best educational toy. Parents can establish a habit of counting everything from steps and stairs to the number of grapes in the high-chair tray, and of course, fingers and toes, from the earliest days. When reading together, numbers can be pointed out on clocks and in books.

Toys like the Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack – Kids Writing Board, the State Font Bundle Pack – Educational Writing Boards, and the Personalised Numbers Bundle Pack – Educational Writing Boards are popular with toddlers. Numbers are the essential component of all learning tracing boards and kids writing boards. Toys like the 1 – 40 Numbers Learning Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board may be used to educate youngsters about counting (rather than just learning to recognise the design of numerals). This basic counting skills toy is a multi-sensory aid that combines visual, tactile, and aural elements to teach counting.

Top 5 Best Educational Toy At My Luxeve

Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack – Kids Writing Board
Children learning to write will love our acrylic Personalised Tracing Board Bundle Pack! Our bundle packs will save you money by providing you with two, three, or four boards at a reduced price. You may personalise them with a name or leave them blank, and you can select from first and last names, alphabets, numerals, or shapes. Each board may be customised to include one of the official pre-cursive fonts used in schools in each state.

State Font Bundle Pack – Educational Writing Boards When you buy this combo pack, you’ll save $10! All three state font tracing boards are included: Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes. In the weeks leading up to school, give your child the opportunity to further their education. Speech, early reading, number and form identification, and fine motor development are all aided by these tracing board educational toys for toddlers.

Top 5 Best Educational Toy At My Luxeve

Personalised Numbers Learning Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board
Children learning to write will love our acrylic Personalised Numbers Learning Tracing Board! Your child’s name and the digits 0-10 are printed on this customised Numbers Learning Tracing Board. Each board may be customised to include one of the official pre-cursive fonts used in schools in each state.

1 – 40 Numbers Learning Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board
With this 1-40 tracing board, you can help your youngster learn more—ideal for youngsters learning to write numerals and count in pre-school.

State Font Numbers Learning Board – Educational Writing Board
Our state font numbers acrylic tracing boards allow your kid to practise writing the numbers 0-10 as well as the words associated with each number. This Numbers Learning Board comes in your choice of official pre-cursive font for each state: QLD, SA, TAS, NSW/ACT, VIC/WA/NT.

Final Thoughts 
Buy the best educational toy from My Luxeve to keep your kids engaged while simultaneously helping them improve essential life skills like problem-solving, motor skills, memory, and identification. All of this contributes to the tiny one’s Intelligence Quotient increasing. We also provide entertaining, educational activities that your children may enjoy with other children. As a result, their social connection and emotional intelligence will be strengthened.

The Best Early Learning Toys For Your Child’s Growth

The Best Early Learning Toys

The best early learning toys are no longer merely a means of keeping your children entertained. Welcome to the new era of educational toys for toddlers, which are meant to encourage lifelong learning from an early age. These learning toys help the youngster master specific abilities more quickly. The best aspect is that these toys are made to encourage active engagement, so learning becomes enjoyable and interactive rather than a chore.

Top Toddler Educational Toy Categories – What Every Parent Should Know

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most entertaining educational toys for toddlers learning to talk. These talking toys and easy word games can help your child expand her vocabulary and inspire her to engage in more conversations:

  1. Talking Toys

Even as children, we had talking toys, and they continue to amaze children today. Yes, a battery-operated talking parrot that repeats a few words or a talking doll is a tried-and-tested educational toy that helps children learn specific phrases and words through repeated exposure. Because youngsters are excellent imitators, they tend to pick up words that they are exposed to frequently.

The Best Early Learning Toys

  1. Image Puzzles

Image/picture puzzles for toddlers are entertaining learning toys for children that help them advance cognitively. The students will be mentally tagging or labelling the photos to match them with their partners. This activity teaches students to identify words with things and employ them in their speech and conversation.

  1. A Baby Mobile

A baby phone, often known as a toy phone, has a few buttons that your youngster may press and play with. Children are exposed to cell phones from the moment they are born; they see their parents and mothers talking on the phone and are excellent observers. Give them a toy phone and watch them try to imitate your tone of voice. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also indicates that your youngster is developing communicative and creative skills.

  1. Toys For Musical Experience

From the moment they are in their mother’s womb, music positively impacts their growth and development. This favourable impact can be seen even in the early stages of growth. Electronic learning toys that recite nursery rhymes, alphabets, or numbers from an early age will familiarise your child with these concepts. You’ll also notice that they’ll begin to pick up the melodies of these rhymes and attempt to sing them. Guess what? This is one of the best and easy techniques to get children used to communicating.

The Best Early Learning Toys


Every child’s approach to speaking and learning to utilize words is different. As parents, we can help kids get started by providing the best possible atmosphere and the best early learning toys. The process of language development and communication begins at home, and here are a few entertaining ways to teach your child to speak without making it a chore.

The Best Learning Toys For 5 Year Old Boy For A Steady Growth

Old Boy For A Steady Growth

The best children’s presents excite children’s imaginations and keep them interested and occupied. That’s precisely what this Ultimate Guide to the Best Learning Toys for a 5-Year-Old Boy provides. A child’s favourite toys can be found that have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed by children, toys that can quickly transform into special developmental tools for your youngster. Here you’ll find the best learning toys for 5 year old boy that they will like. We hope you like these interactive toy suggestions as much as we do, whether you have an adventurer, engineer, nature lover, or the next great chef on your list.

Old Boy For A Steady Growth

Our picks for the top educational toys for a 5-year-old boy

Personalised Shapes Learning Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board

Our acrylic Personalised Shapes Learning Tracing Board is ideal for children learning to write! Your child’s name and eight shapes are printed on this Personalised Shapes Learning Tracing Board. Each board can be customised to include one of the official pre-cursive fonts used in schools in each state.

CVC Word Board – Kids Writing Board 

The CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) Word Board is fun for kids to practice writing. With this excellent and simple-to-use CVC Word Board, you can test your child’s reading, writing, and sight word recognition. Make learning exciting for your youngster by making a new word by adding a consonant to each vowel/consonant set. Wipe the board clean and start over with a fresh set of words!

Another option is to read while using the board. Make a list of three-letter words and have students write them down on the board. These are ideal for children who are beginning to read and write for the first time. The board is printed in a font that is commonly used in schools.

All About Me Tracing Board – Kids Writing Board 

This is one of the best learning toys for 5 year old that is meant to assist you in teaching your child critical safety information. By wiping the board clean, your child may practise over and over. Siblings can also use the same board. It has the following details: my name, address, mother’s name, mother’s phone number, father’s name, and father’s phone number. This is a fun and engaging way to learn about safety!

Old Boy For A Steady Growth

Combo Pack of State Fonts – Educational Writing Boards 

In the weeks leading up to school, give your child the opportunity to further their education. This set of three state font tracing boards includes – Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes. These tracing boards aided speech, early reading, number and form identification, and fine motor development. For each state, select your preferred official pre-cursive font for usage in schools.

Kids Writing Board – Learn With Me Tracing Board 

Our acrylic learn with me tracing board is a terrific multipurpose learning tool! It’s ideal for young students. Use household things, playdoh, natural stuff, sight words, or alphabet tiles to read and make it. Then, using a liquid chalk pen or a whiteboard marker, write it down! Learning at home can be done in a variety of ways. You may quickly sketch or write, then go back to drawing! Use your imagination to come up with new ideas!


Finally, My Luxeve was created to assist other parents. You want the best for your child when you become a parent. One of the essential goals a parent has is to provide their child with the best chance of success in the future. Learning via play is one of the most effective ways to assist your child. Our instructional objects are all open-ended, Montessori-inspired, and provide a variety of learning possibilities. They are typically one-of-a-kind products that are regarded as “forever toys.” You will play with toys for years, pass them on to siblings, or keep them for future generations.

My Luxeve was inspired by the phrase “luxury event.” We think that having a child, raising a child, and teaching a child are life events comprised of many small events. If you want to shop for the best learning toys for 5 year old boy, visit us today!

Learn About Early Education Toys According to Age for Child Development

Learn About Early Education Toys
Learn About Early Education Toys

The most efficient approach for youngsters to begin learning is via play—children like exploring and learning new things from a young age. As parents, we like filling our homes with items that our children enjoy. Did you know, however, that encouraging your child to play with Early Education Toys may help them enhance their cognitive and motor skills? The early introduction of educational and physical activity toys to youngsters has been demonstrated to stimulate their senses, spark their imagination, and improve their social skills.

Here are some great ideas for educational toys based on age range and an explanation of their benefits.

1-12 Months Old

Sensory play can help your child’s senses develop at an early age. As their child grows and gains hand-eye coordination, families may begin introducing toys that encourage greater participation. As your child becomes more active, we recommend adding problem-solving toys. These toys will help children resolve conflicts and understand cause and effect ideas such as “If I do this, then that will happen.” They’ll feel more confident once they’ve found out how a toy works through trial and error and instruction.

Some examples of great toys for your baby’s first year include:

  1. Soothers
  2. Infant play
  3. Small portable toys with lights and sounds
  4. Stacking Blocks
  5. Crawl around learning centres
  6. Light up dance mats with sound

12-24 Months Old Introducing appropriate toys to your child will aid in the development of balance and coordination, as well as stimulate your child’s curiosity in their newfound mobility. You may include counting steps into your child’s number learning when they begin to walk, which will help them get more comfortable with the language and meaning, even if they don’t fully understand them at this age. The playsets are great educational toys for children from 12 to 18 months since they aid in developing their children’s recognising abilities.

Learn About Early Education Toys

Examples of toys that will help your child reach new milestones between 1 and 2 years old include:

  1. Push cars
  2. Stride and ride toys
  3. Walkers
  4. Themed toys
  5. Themed books

2+ Years you may add toys that encourage greater physical play as your children get older and more active. Always make sure they are aware of safety considerations like as wearing a helmet while showing them how to use particular toys, such as a tricycle, and include them into the process of using the item, so they know that if they ride their tricycle, they must also wear their helmet. Name recognition and emerging literacy abilities can also be improved through ABC educational toys and books. These toys provide a visual representation of what your child is hearing and vice versa. Reading a book about a dog and seeing a dog picture, for example, can help your youngster link an image of a dog with the sound a dog makes.

Examples of toys that will help promote physical play and cognitive skill-building include:

  1. Tricycles
  2. Basketball hoops
  3. T-ball stands
  4. Bowling sets
  5. Kinetic sand
  6. Drawing easel
  7. Magnetic building blocks
  8. Counting toys for preschoolers

There are no age restrictions for introducing educational toys to your child. These early learning toys assist babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children alike. Parents should also make an effort to select age-appropriate toys for their children. Visit the My Luxeve website to get a wide variety of the best educational toys and baby necessities.