Use a Baby Bowl set for These 5 Reasons

Use a Baby Bowl set for These 5 Reasons

Do you chuck it on the tray and call it a day when it’s time for baby’s first bites of real food? Certainly not! Here are five reasons why using a baby bowl set is beneficial to your child.

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1) All about the Quantities

There are dietitian and feeding consultant who has taught thousands of families and healthcare professionals how to undertake baby-led weaning, they`ve noticed that the most common mistake parents and caregivers make when their baby begins solids is portion size. They have seen photographs on Instagram of babies staring at mounds of protein. And starch serving sizes so little that even toddlers couldn’t eat them! The parents are subsequently disappointed or defeated when the baby refuses to eat “all the food” that has been offered to him.

So, let’s be honest: infant portion sizes are far less than you might expect.

A divided baby plate or bowl is a great way to keep quantities under control. Don’t forget that your kid will acquire the majority of his or her nourishment from breast milk or infant formula until he or she reaches the age of one. The solid meals we offer provide some nutrients, but they also allow the baby to experiment with various tastes and textures, as well as play and explore with this strange new thing called food.

The silicone baby bowl from My Luxeve is the most favoured baby bowl at practice. It contains two 2-oz portion sections and one 4-oz portion compartment in the shape of a cheerful smile. For newborns just starting solid food, you might only fill each section of the plate 1/4 or 1/2 full, but I appreciate the visual reminder that less is more here, and little quantities are more appropriate for babies and their tiny tummies.

2) The spice of life is variety

Another advantage of using a divided silicon baby bowl or plate is that it serves as a visual reminder to the baby that he or she should be eating a variety of foods. We know that babies who are exposed to more tastes, foods, and flavours between the ages of 6 and 18 months have a better chance of being eager eaters and have a lower risk of picky eating later in life. So, what’s the most effective approach to increase these exposures?

At least three different foods should be introduced to your kid at each of his or her meals. Now, they don’t have to be completely different things; repurposing foods responsibly or using leftovers are both excellent options.

A divided plate with three separate parts, on the other hand, reminds you that baby needs to see a variety of meals and helps you get into the habit of doing so at each meal.

3.) Plates and Bowls Help to Keep Things Clean

You might believe that adding a baby bowl or plate to the mix will result in extra dishes. Yes, you’ll have to do one (or two) more dishes. However, I would say that bringing a baby plate or bowl to the table helps to reduce the amount of mess!

Feeding a baby may be a messy business, especially if you’re conducting baby-led weaning. However, I’ve discovered in my practice that babies who sit in front of a bowl or plate make less mess. When babies are only given food on a tray, they will swipe it from side to side, spilling the majority of it on the floor. Baby can scoop food into mouth more readily with the boundary of the parts of a divided plate, mat, or bowl, so less of it ends up on the floor.

4.) Improvement of motor skills

Baby bowls and plates can aid in the development of eating-related motor skills. With the soft barrier of a silicon bowl or plate border, a baby can begin raking food and even get some of it into her mouth!

5.) Having Fun with Food

My Luxeve is one of the favourite brands in the newborn and kid feeding sector because they not only make feeding simple, but they also make it fun… However, it also makes mealtime enjoyable!

Feeding your infant should be enjoyable, and they offer just that with their cheerful face design. The 4 oz piece of the tiny mat is designed like a real smile and sits beneath the two 2-oz “eye” parts. An added benefit when it comes to making eating fun is the range of colours that will attract any baby’s eye and brighten up mealtime for the whole family.

Being a parent is an emotional rollercoaster. You have a lot to manage, and you only have 24 hours in a day to do it. This is why, in our toddler product range, we have attempted to incorporate the convenience factor. The dishwasher and microwave are also safe to use with our baby feeding sets.

Our silicone baby bowl set was created to help young children learn to feed themselves. It also saves you the trouble of cleaning up after each feed.

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What can you expect when it comes to baby feeding bibs?

What can you expect when it comes to baby feeding bibs?

Everyone understands the importance of bibs for babies. But it’s likely that you didn’t realize how important baby feeding bibs are until you become a parent. You might easily go through many in a single day, and different activities necessitate different bibs.

So, which bibs are the best for each job? Which of these solutions will keep your child dry, comfy, and (relatively) clean? Everything you need to know is right here.

Bibs for babies are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Bibs for when it’s time to eat

Any bib is better than none when it comes to keeping food off your baby or toddler’s lovely attire. However, easy-to-clean solutions that prevent food from coming up in her lap or on her arms are your best bet. You could definitely get by with only one that you clean frequently, but having an extra bib or two on hand is never a bad idea.

>>Silicone bibs are lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant. After each meal, they can be wiped clean. Most of them feature a lip or a pocket on the bottom to catch food that your child drops so it doesn’t end up on her lap.

>>Plastic bibs are similar to cloth bibs in that they are thin, but they are constructed of waterproof plastic that can be wiped clean. Although some include crumbs pockets, they don’t usually capture as much as silicone bibs. Some alternatives are also large enough to cover the shoulders or lap of a youngster.

>>Disposable bibs are one-time-use items that might be useful for on-the-go meals or when travelling.

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Teething or drooling bibs

Some newborns and toddlers drool a lot all the time, whereas others only drool when they’re teething. In either case, a lightweight bib can absorb up the spit and keep her clothes dry (and potentially irritating the skin underneath). A drooling baby can go through many cloth bibs in a day, so buying in bulk is a good idea.

Simple, machine-washable bibs constructed from a soft, absorbent material such as cotton, muslin, or terries are known as cloth bibs.

Bandana bibs perform the same functions as traditional fabric bibs, but with a little extra flair. They’re appropriate for any age, but the bandana style looks less babyish, so they’re especially useful for drooling toddlers.

Bibs for newborns and little children

Even babies who haven’t started eating solid foods or haven’t yet sprouted pearly whites could benefit from some extra protection. During feedings, a bib can keep dribbled breastmilk or formula off your baby’s clothes, as well as aid in sop up the inevitable spit-up. Get a lot of these because you’ll probably go through a lot of them each day.

Newborn bibs are extra-small fabric bibs that are meant to fit around your baby’s delicate neck.

Burp cloths with a contoured form that may be draped over your baby’s shoulders and used as a bib are known as multi-use bibs.

Which are the bibs that actually deliver now that you know what’s out there? We’ve compiled a list of our favourites.

Our Silicone Bibs are constructed of BPA-free, food-grade silicone that is non-toxic. There is a large catcher, and they are simple to roll up and carry. The neck is adjustable with four buttons and is ideal for children aged four months to three years. If the baby bib shows signs of wear, toss it out, and make sure your little bundle of joy is always monitored while wearing it.

We strive for excellence in all we do, whether it’s designing or manufacturing. Because we know how it feels to be a parent of a baby, My Luxeve’s emblem is a pledge of high quality. All of our baby bibs are manufactured entirely of food-grade silicone that is non-toxic. Feeding time can be quick and easy if you have the correct baby feeding bibs set to help the process go smoothly. Choose from our super-soft amazing baby feeding sets that have been created consciously and sustainably to feed your little one in peace. And, of course, via a series of rigorous tests and trials, it has been ensured that safety and hygiene meet the highest acceptable standards.

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Suction Plates — The Perfect Plates for Toddlers

Suction Plates — The Perfect Plates for Toddlers

Feeding time is a messy occasion. Many kids have trouble keeping food on their plates, often spilling them out or even accidentally knocking dishes off the table. This is a troubling task for busy parents, especially since you have extra things to wash and clean.

Luckily, you can make feeding time more hygienic with toddler feeding items like suction plates, silicone bibs, and silicone chewtensils.

Different types of plates for kids

    1. Divided plates

      Some kids prefer to have their food separated—this way, they can easily recognise what they’re eating. Divided plates are perfect if you want to serve multiple types of food in one place, including sauces and sides.

    2. Bamboo plates

      If you want to make your home eco-friendlier, why not go for a set of bamboo plates for your family? These plates are durable and recyclable, plus they’re less toxic than their plastic alternatives.

    3. Suction plates

      Suction plates are another example of toddler plates that are made for functionality. They come with a suction cup at the bottom, allowing your child to eat their food without spilling anything.

The advantages of using suction plates for toddlers

    1. They are made of silicone.

      Why is silicone such a common material for children’s items? Silicone is a food-grade material, resistant to high temperatures and damage. It’s also non-toxic and odourless, making it easier for you to bring food when you’re out and about.

    2. Some suction plates for toddlers come with dividers.

      My Luxeve’s silicone suction plate comes with dividers, allowing you to organise everything and make the food look more appealing for your child.

    3. They come with lids

      Are you planning an out-of-town trip with your family? Don’t forget to pack your suction plates for toddlers! They come with lids that make it easier for you to store and keep in the fridge.

Silicone Bibs — A Wonderful Gift Idea for New Babies

Silicone Bibs — A Wonderful Gift Idea for New Babies

Babies are difficult to feed — every parent knows this fact. No matter how hard you try, there are days when your child will end up rejecting anything you give them. Not only that—they might even make a big mess, dripping food all over their clothes, your dining table, your floor.

But alas—you have to feed your baby. It’s also essential to introduce solids at a certain age. Exposing kids to many different kinds of food helps them learn to be less picky when they grow up. 

Silicone: the best material for babies

Luckily, parents aren’t alone when it comes to dealing with the challenges of baby feeding. There are several feeding items that can help you with stressful tasks, such as silicone bibs, silicone plates, and silicone chewtensils.

What’s with all the silicone? Unlike other materials like plastic and metal, silicone is much safer, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. In fact, food-grade silicone does not harden, crack, or become brittle over time, allowing you to use them as your baby grows older.

Silicone is also incredibly resistant to damage and degradation caused by extreme temperatures, so you’ll have no problem heating silicone feeding items in the microwave. Plus, the material is lightweight and odourless, and you can take them with you on long trips.

Why you need a silicone bib

My Luxeve’s silicone bib is a popular go-to item for parents all over Australia. This product offers all the benefits of silicone-like temperature resistance and durability—all for an affordable price.

Silicone bibs are easy to tie around your baby’s neck, catching any wasted food, water, and even drool. This way, you don’t have to worry about messy dining tables and dirty laundry. All you need to do is wash the bib, and you’re all good to go!