Suction Plates — The Perfect Plates for Toddlers

Suction Plates — The Perfect Plates for Toddlers

Feeding time is a messy occasion. Many kids have trouble keeping food on their plates, often spilling them out or even accidentally knocking dishes off the table. This is a troubling task for busy parents, especially since you have extra things to wash and clean.

Luckily, you can make feeding time more hygienic with toddler feeding items like suction plates, silicone bibs, and silicone chewtensils.

Different types of plates for kids

    1. Divided plates

      Some kids prefer to have their food separated—this way, they can easily recognise what they’re eating. Divided plates are perfect if you want to serve multiple types of food in one place, including sauces and sides.

    2. Bamboo plates

      If you want to make your home eco-friendlier, why not go for a set of bamboo plates for your family? These plates are durable and recyclable, plus they’re less toxic than their plastic alternatives.

    3. Suction plates

      Suction plates are another example of toddler plates that are made for functionality. They come with a suction cup at the bottom, allowing your child to eat their food without spilling anything.

The advantages of using suction plates for toddlers

    1. They are made of silicone.

      Why is silicone such a common material for children’s items? Silicone is a food-grade material, resistant to high temperatures and damage. It’s also non-toxic and odourless, making it easier for you to bring food when you’re out and about.

    2. Some suction plates for toddlers come with dividers.

      My Luxeve’s silicone suction plate comes with dividers, allowing you to organise everything and make the food look more appealing for your child.

    3. They come with lids

      Are you planning an out-of-town trip with your family? Don’t forget to pack your suction plates for toddlers! They come with lids that make it easier for you to store and keep in the fridge.

Silicone Bibs — A Wonderful Gift Idea for New Babies

Silicone Bibs — A Wonderful Gift Idea for New Babies

Babies are difficult to feed — every parent knows this fact. No matter how hard you try, there are days when your child will end up rejecting anything you give them. Not only that—they might even make a big mess, dripping food all over their clothes, your dining table, your floor.

But alas—you have to feed your baby. It’s also essential to introduce solids at a certain age. Exposing kids to many different kinds of food helps them learn to be less picky when they grow up. 

Silicone: the best material for babies

Luckily, parents aren’t alone when it comes to dealing with the challenges of baby feeding. There are several feeding items that can help you with stressful tasks, such as silicone bibs, silicone plates, and silicone chewtensils.

What’s with all the silicone? Unlike other materials like plastic and metal, silicone is much safer, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. In fact, food-grade silicone does not harden, crack, or become brittle over time, allowing you to use them as your baby grows older.

Silicone is also incredibly resistant to damage and degradation caused by extreme temperatures, so you’ll have no problem heating silicone feeding items in the microwave. Plus, the material is lightweight and odourless, and you can take them with you on long trips.

Why you need a silicone bib

My Luxeve’s silicone bib is a popular go-to item for parents all over Australia. This product offers all the benefits of silicone-like temperature resistance and durability—all for an affordable price.

Silicone bibs are easy to tie around your baby’s neck, catching any wasted food, water, and even drool. This way, you don’t have to worry about messy dining tables and dirty laundry. All you need to do is wash the bib, and you’re all good to go!

Points You Should Remember When Choosing Suction Bowls

Points You Should Remember When Choosing Suction Bowls

Are you tired of cleaning up after your kid’s dinnertime mess? There’s only one solution: Use suction bowls. These feeding items are the perfect little tools for your little one. They are designed to allow babies to eat by themselves without making too much of a mess.

The benefits of using suction bowls

Manufacturers have put in much time and research into crafting the perfect feeding plate for kids. You’ll find various products on the market, such as divided plates, bamboo plates, and even stainless-steel plates.

But suction bowls win the top prize for being the most functional feeding item of all. They offer numerous benefits thanks to the suction cups permanently attached to their bases. Suction bowls help kids learn to feed themselves with little to no mess, and they take a huge weight off your shoulders, too.

Because suction bowls allow your toddler to feed themselves, they can help develop the necessary motor skills for eating. Before you know it, your child will be putting more food in their mouths instead of spilling it all over the table.

What to look for in a suction bowl

Fortunately for you, suction bowls are widely available on the market. The only challenge is choosing the best one—and here’s how you can do that:

  1. Go for silicone suction bowls.

    Silicone is the best material for anything that has to do with feeding your child. It’s food-grade, BPA-free, and 100% non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids while eating.

    On top of that, silicone is incredibly durable. This material is known for its resistance to heat and bacteria, allowing you to place silicone bowls inside the microwave without accidentally melting them.

  2. Pick a fun colour.

    Suction bowls come in various colours, from lilac to yellow to a beautiful light pink. You won’t have trouble choosing one for your child. You might even want to buy two or more in different hues!

  3. Make sure they’re within your budget.

    My Luxeve offers some of the highest quality suction bowls for an affordable price. If you’re looking for a long-lasting feeding item that can keep your child company as they go, consider buying your bowls from this store.

Things to Help You Choose Plate Sets for Kids

Things to Help You Choose Plate Sets for Kids

Are you looking for new plate sets for your kids? Some parents try to use regular plates made of plastic but quickly realize that they are not the best options for very young children. If you’re looking for kids plate sets, it’s essential to consider several factors such as:

  1. Ease of use

    The type of plate you choose can affect the way your kids eat. For example, children might benefit more from plates with partitions for different types of food. Such a design can help reduce feeding mess. It’s also a good idea to get kids plate sets that are easy to use—the best ones come with lids for convenient storage and transport.

    If you want to take things one step further, look for plates with suction cups so that they don’t slide off the table and down to your floor. This reduces the mess further, helping you avoid stressful kitchen cleaning and laundry washing.

  2. Material

    What’s the best material for kids plate sets? Many experts agree that silicone is a great choice.

    Silicone plates are the most suitable feeding items for kids of any age. This is because silicone is 100% food-grade, BPA-free, and non-toxic so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into the food that you feed your children. You can even use silicone plates in the microwave, making it easy to reheat food safely.

    Aside from that, silicone is odour-free and stain-resistant. It’s the perfect feeding plate to take with you on outdoor trips!

  3. Manufacturer

    Where can you find the best kids plates sets? It’s best to look online where you will see high-quality sets for a reasonable price for trusted manufacturers and retailers.

Make sure to buy your baby’s things from top-rated sellers who stand by the quality and safety of their products.