An ABCD Wooden Board will stimulate your Child’s Mind Development

An ABCD Wooden Board will stimulate your Child's Mind

Playing is a crucial part of a child’s life. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), playing stimulates the brain while optimizing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth in children. It is especially true in the first 8 years of a child’s life. Many toys—such as spatial stacking cubes, wooden puzzles, and the ABCD wooden board—assist in brain development of toddlers or infant babies/newborn babies.

What makes the ABCD wooden board so special? It designed to develop specific skills in your child, particularly writing, speaking, and reading. The double-sided Alphabet wooden tracing board trains your child to comfortably write the upper-case and lower-case letters of the alphabet.

Children can use their hand or the built-in tracing stick to learn the motions needed when writing the letters. Apart from this, they can also learn how to say the letters out loud with assistance from parents and teachers. Reading the letters is also be easier with the ABCD wooden board because it acts as a visual aid.

This toy inspires young kids to become creative because they can fill up the gaps using various materials or craft items. It opens up a whole world of play and learning options for your child—and that’s every parents’ dream.

But why wood? Wood is safe, naturally antibacterial, non-toxic, and durable. Plus, it never goes out of style. Unlike digital and plastic toys, wooden toys are free from toxic finishing materials. Also, if stored and cleaned properly, an ABCD wooden board can last for decades and can be passed on to the next generation. Now that is worth every dollar.

It’s best to purchase toys online these days. Staying in whenever possible is the most prudent thing to do during this pandemic. Support local and look for an online baby toys shop that is based in Australia. Make sure that they can guarantee safe and secure online payments.

Learn What Educational Toys You Can Provide Your Children to Support Them Through Their Learning and Their Education!

Learn What Products You Can Provide Your Children

Who says toys are only good for playtime? Aside from books, toys are some of the best products to support your children’s education. They significantly help during early childhood development especially when it comes to improving cognitive and creative skills. Some educational or learning toys can even help toddlers to enhance their senses of hearing, sight, and touch.

In fact, kids as young as 12 months old can benefit from learning through play. At this age, they can start developing hand-eye coordination through the introduction of small, interactive toys. Meanwhile, older children are best supported by counting toys, simple storybooks, and even colouring books.

What are some of the best educational products for your children?

Tracing Boards

Early education often starts with teaching kids the alphabets, numbers, and shapes. Tracing boards are the most effective way to support these subjects because they are fun and easy to use. They help your children gain confidence by understanding the motions needed to write a certain figure.

Alphabet and Number Tiles

Similar to tracing boards, wooden tiles help teach letters and numbers. What’s great about these toys is that kids can rearrange them to form words or do basic math. Other tiles come with shapes, or a blank slate, allowing you to personalise your learning style.

Make sure to observe your children when using these toys, in case they decide to get curious, and put the tiles in their mouths. Luckily, reliable manufacturers make them out of wood, so there’s no risk of poisoning or injury.

Liquid Chalk Markers

If your kids love to colour, then liquid markers are the best way to encourage their creativity! You can pair these products with a tracing board to make learning more enjoyable and colourful. Trusted online sellers offer many different options.

Handmade Educational Tracing Boards (Reusable and Sustainable) — Provide A great Number of Learning Opportunities!

Educational Tracing Boards

Having trouble finding the perfect educational toy for your child? You can’t go wrong with tracing boards. They are some of the best playthings to support your kid’s learning and also these learning toys can stimulate infant brain development.

They may not seem impressive at first glance, but educational tracing boards offer various benefits. Once you start using these toys during playtime, you’ll notice an improvement in your child’s overall development.

Here are four benefits of educational tracing boards for children:

They are durable and sustainable.

High-quality tracing boards are made with acrylic, which isn’t something you often see with toys. These acrylic educational items are an excellent choice because they don’t really break even if your child drops them all the time.

They are great starting points for learning.

These handmade acrylic tracing boards provide an ideal starting point for learning. They allow the child to practice over and over again, without wasting paper. The boards are reusable and easy to wipe clean so the child can trace again. Your kid can understand the basic motions required to write letters and numbers or draw shapes while playing.

They encourage creativity.

Pair your educational tracing board with a wide array of markers and let your child colour away! As your child uses the board, not only will they learn letters and numbers—they’ll also start to become familiar with different colours. Because of this, their creativity and imagination are enhanced, and you can begin introducing other toys.

They are cost-effective.

Educational tracing boards are worth every penny, thanks to their many benefits. You can purchase them from trusted sellers, making learning fun and straightforward for both you and your loved one.

The 3 Best Wooden Toys for Kids in Early Development

wooden toys for kids

Wooden toys for kids have been around forever. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used wooden dolls, horses, and chariots as a source of entertainment for children. These days, however, wooden toys have a much greater purpose: education.

When it comes to learning, children need to engage in a fun environment where they could study and play at the same time. Wooden toys for kids combine learning and recreation. What are some of the best wooden toys in the market?

Shape Sorting Puzzles

Shape sorting puzzles are a popular choice for parents with children in their early development stages. Not only are these wooden toys, fun and creative—they also help kids learn the basics of colours and shapes. These wooden puzzles help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive thinking. High-quality shape sorting puzzles are carefully crafted for small hands and painted with non-toxic colouring materials. Some puzzles even come with an abacus—a bonus for parents who want to teach counting!

Stacking Boards

Learning numbers, colours, and shapes at the same time may seem challenging, but it’s so much easier with the right tools! Well-crafted stacking boards have multiple functions that encourage young ones to discover more about basic mathematics, as well as simple shapes and primary colours.

Tracing Boards

Tracing boards are another type of wooden toys for kids than encourage motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There are tracing boards that teach shapes, while others are engraved with the alphabet and numbers. Your child can fill them in with sand or with playdough!

Buy one — if not all — of these amazing wooden toys for kids from reliable retailers. It’s best to find sellers who have had hands-on experience with children; they’re the ones who know what your child needs the most. Choose a seller that offers fair prices and fast delivery times.