best learning toy

Best learning toy

The only toy your baby needs during his first few months of life is his parents. But, before long, your child will develop an interest in the world around him, and everything will become a toy. Gifting toys to one-year-olds is thrilling for both them and you because they are starting to interact and play. It doesn’t take much to pique a 1-year-old’s interest but keep their age in months in mind while purchasing a gift or toy. A 12-month-old is substantially different from a 23-month-old in terms of development. Some of our gift ideas are suitable for children aged 18 months and up to cater for this. My Luxeve makes the best learning toy for 1-year-old babies.

When do babies begin to engage in toy play?

Although younger infants can engage with the best early learning toys. Such as shaking a rattle, it isn’t until after six months that babies begin to play with toys in the traditional sense, such as knocking over blocks, rolling a ball, or snuggling with a teddy bear. Your baby may have favourite toys by nine months and be able to engage with them by shifting items from one hand to the other or seeking a toy he sees you hide.

From neonatal months to toddlerhood, these are the different stages you’ll notice as your baby begins to engage more with toys, as well as the varied types of playthings that will keep him entertained.

From birth until two months of age:

At this age, newborns can only see objects that are 8 to 12 inches away; therefore, one of the most exciting things your baby will look at while you hold him will be your smiling face. Playtime and quality time are synonymous in the newborn stage, and your baby gets all the amusement he requires as you hold, touch, and chat to him.

Kids can learn about the world through their senses — touch, sight, and hearing — so the best developmental toys for toddlers with contrasting colours, gentle sounds, and diverse textures can be good choices for a 1-month-old. Consider colourful mobiles, playmats with dangling toys to look at, and multi-textured rattles.


6–12 months of age:

During the second half of his first year, your growing baby will reach several significant milestones. Between the ages of 6 and 12, he’ll be able to sit up, stand up on his own, cruise (walk while hanging on to furniture), and possibly take his first steps, all of which will give your infant a whole new perspective on his toys (and how he plays with them).

He’ll also begin to grasp the concept of object permanence, or the idea that something that vanishes from his line of vision isn’t lost forever. And he’ll progress from raking a toy in his direction with his palm to picking up objects with his thumb and forefinger (known as the pincer grasp).

Your baby may begin to play independently, though they may need to follow your guidance at first at this age even though you can give your kid the best learning toy for 1-year old that’s safe for him. Toys that play music when your baby pushes or presses a button, as well as cars or balls that inspire him to crawl after them, are all good choices.

Standing toys like activity tables and stacking rings that your baby can push and balance upright are especially beneficial for 7- and 8-month-olds. As they become older, you can introduce problem-solving toys to your infant: Shape sorters, easy puzzles, stacking toys, and puppets are some of the finest toys for 9-month-olds. For 10- to 12-month-olds, simple puzzles, stacking toys, and puppets are some of the greatest toys.

Of course, certain old favourites from previous months, such as stuffed animals and board books, will continue to please your baby. Also, don’t forget that babies can turn household goods into toys: Measuring cups, wooden spoons, and plastic containers are perennially popular.

Silicone Stacking Blocks:

These silicone stacking blocks will quickly become one of your child’s best early learning toys! Each set of 12 Montessori blocks comes in a reusable branded calico bag to make storage and travel easier.


Great toddler stacking blocks that are both adaptable and entertaining! Our silicone stacking blocks are suitable for children of all ages, from babies to older toddlers, and will grow with them. Because of the incredibly soft silicone can be used as teething toys or stacking by newborns and young toddlers. Those stacking blocks can use these blocks for colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, counting, or sensory play as paint or sand stamps as your child gets older.

The characteristics of this toy include:

  1. Silicone textured soft PVC block
  2. Different numbered blocks
  3. Shapes that interlock (for advanced ages)
  4. Designs for new horoscopes
  5. Colours that are both fun and engaging
  6. Wash them down with a damp mild soapy cloth and rinse under water to clean.

Our toys will bring a smile to your baby’s face. There are many other toys for kids; your baby may like thoseMy Luxeve sells affordable and the best learning toy for 1-year-old.

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