baby feeding items you’ll need

Baby feeding items you’ll need

Although it may be difficult to imagine when your child has just arrived, starting solids will happen sooner than you think. It’s undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable (and messiest!) milestones in a baby’s first year. But there’s a lot to consider as well.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with information and all the decisions, from determining when newborns can start eating solids to determining the best first meals, bowls, spoons, and more. We’re answering some of the most often asked concerns about starting solids with your baby and assisting you in determining the best gear to buy, as well as what to skip and why.

Different feeding items available on My Luxeve:

Easy-to-Clean Bibs

There are many different types of bibs, but you can’t go wrong as long as you have enough available. As a result, you’ll want a bib that’s easy to clean because your kid will generate a lot of messes. Bibs made of waterproof material are especially useful, as are bibs with pockets at the bottom to catch spilt foods. You’ll want to ensure the bib stays on your infant and is pleasant to wear.

Baby Spoons

Although soft finger foods are a terrific option for newborns who have mastered their pincer grasp (the ability to pick up objects with their pointer and thumb), most of us start with pureed foods. Adult spoons are too big for a baby’s mouth, so buy some baby spoons. Soft, flexible spoons are excellent for the first few months since they are simpler for the infant to handle and prevent gagging. Small amounts of food are great for babies at first, so don’t worry if the spoon doesn’t appear to carry a lot of food. Brightly coloured spoons are appealing since they can pique your baby’s curiosity.

Bowls and Serving Dishes

If you prepare your own baby food (which is not required!), you’ll need a few baby-sized serving bowls to hold your creations. Adult bowls can be used, but because you will not be offering your baby adult-sized servings, having the smaller dishes on hand may be more convenient. You’ll also want to use non-breakable bowls, which is another reason to invest in baby-specific bowls. Bowls that double as storage containers are also a good idea. Because your baby’s eating habits will be unpredictable at first, you’ll have to store uneaten items frequently.

Baby Drinking Cups

When your baby begins to consume solid foods, they can begin to drink little sips of water while they eat. Your baby is learning how to sip from a cup, which they will master over the coming months. It is not necessary for your infant to use a sippy cup, but it is normally easier for your baby to drink from a sippy cup than from an open cup.

Sippy cup spills are also far less messy than spills from open cups. There are numerous infant cups available on the market. Choose a BPA-free, easy-to-clean option. Most baby cups come with handles so that your child may learn to use the cup independently.

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