Patterned Silicone Bibs

Baby Bibs

Everyone understands that babies require bibs. However, it was probably not until you became a parent that you discovered how important bibs are. When it comes to self-feeding, any bib is better than none to keep food off your baby or toddler’s lovely attire. However, the best bibs are easy-to-clean and prevent food from going everywhere! Thankfully, that’s exactly what our range of silicone bibs is best at!

Is it worth it to get My Luxeve silicone bibs?

My daughter has introduced to solid foods a few months ago. I started feeding her purées with a spoon, but as she started grabbing the bowl and reaching for whatever food she could see. I let her self-feed and while there was still quite a mess, the silicone bib had a pocket to capture anything that didn’t make it into my daughter’s mouth. If I didn’t have this type of bib, the clean-up would have been much longer!

This is just one real-life testimonial we have received about our baby bibs. We plenty more good words from our customers.  They are lightweight, flexible and water-resistant. The perfect companion to take with you, whether at home or out and about. They are also adjustable and can fit your child comfortably no matter their size.

How many silicone bibs do you actually need to own?

You could definitely get by with just one, but having an extra bib or two on hand is never a bad idea. Five bibs may be enough to last a week for newborns who only drool or spit up on occasion. Because they are so easy to clean, you can reuse them much quicker than normal bibs, with just a few wipes they are good to go again. But we have a range of colours and patterns to choose from, so why not mix it up?

Why My Luxeve silicone bibs?

Try this if your older baby or toddler frequently tears off bibs with velcro fasteners. The adjustable buttons are meant to accommodate children up to the age of three, and the button closure is more likely to stay put. If you don’t like the conventional baby hues, our bibs come in peaceful earth tones like beige, olive, and marble, which will appeal to you.  We also have a variety of printed versions as well. So there are plenty of options to choose from.

Cleaning is simple thanks to a moulded catch-all pouch and an easy-to-clean surface. This handy bib comes in a variety of trendy colours and fresh designs to complement the baby’s attire, with reinforced buttonholes for a sturdy, flexible fit.

For convenience alone, our baby bibs are a win during feeding times. See our range today and find one that bests suits your needs.

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