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Child’s Mind Development

Child’s Development

Kids need to play! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), playing stimulates a child’s brain while optimizing their cognitive and social-emotional growth. It is essential in infants’ early years when they’re still developing physically and mentally from birth through toddlerhood–and even into preschool if you can afford it because that time has value, too. Kids’ intelligence will continue growing throughout life even though there may be some mini-setbacks along the way, but nothing lasts forever so give them every opportunity possible.

What makes the ABCD wooden board so unique? It is designed to develop specific skills in your child, mainly writing, speaking, and reading. The double-sided Alphabet wooden tracing board trains your child to comfortably write the upper-case and lower-case letters of the alphabet.

Children can use their hands or the built-in tracing stick to learn the motions needed when writing the letters. Apart from this, they can also learn how to say the letters aloud with their parents’ and teachers’ assistance. Reading the letters is also easier with the ABCD wooden board because it acts as a visual aid.

This toy inspires young kids to become creative because they can fill up the gaps using various materials or craft items. It opens up a whole world of play and learning options for your child—and that’s every parent’s dream.

But why wood? Wood is safe, naturally antibacterial, non-toxic, and durable. Plus, it never goes out of style. Unlike digital and plastic toys, wooden toys are free from toxic finishing materials. Also, if stored and cleaned correctly, an ABCD wooden board can last for decades and be passed on to the next generation. Now that is worth every dollar.

It’s best to purchase toys online these days. They are staying in whenever possible is the most prudent thing to do during this pandemic. Support local and look for an online baby toys shop based in Australia. Make sure that they can guarantee safe and secure online payments.

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