Learn More About Us and The Ideas Behind My Luxeve

Thank you for stopping by our online store, My Luxeve.

We are a family team (with 2 little munchkins of our own) based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We understand how overwhelming parenting can be. We have been through (and still going through) the sleepless nights, tantrums and hospital trips. Parenting really is an all-consuming task that can be daunting, frustrating and confusing.

So, we started My Luxeve in the hopes of helping other parents. When you become a parent, you want the best for your child. Giving your child the greatest chance at succeeding in their future is one of the most important goals a parent has. And one of the most valuable ways to help your child is by learning through play. All of the educational items we stock are open ended; Montessori inspired and create a number of learning opportunities. They are mostly handmade items and are considered to be forever toys. The toys that you will play with over the years and pass down to siblings or hold onto for future generations.   

My Luxeve came from ‘luxury event’. We believe that having a child, raising a child, teaching a child is a huge life event that is full of little events. The luxury part, well who doesn’t love things that are a bit fancy!

We only want to provide items that are safe, helpful, and bring you and your family joy. All items are tested by us and our little helpers. We source and package each item carefully with the upmost care.

Thank you for your support!

ABCD wooden boards