5 Hacks to Make room for a Baby in a Small Space

Not everyone can afford to or wants to live in big houses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your baby the best in a limited space. If you have a small home and a baby on the way, then there are a few things you’ll have to do to ensure that you and your baby can live comfortably and have all the space you need. It is totally possible to maximise a small space to make room for a baby.

Keep reading below to learn some of the best baby room hacks!

1.      Share the Room

The first thing that you need to do is make room for the baby in your bedroom. Your baby doesn’t need a separate room as they sleep much better with their mothers around. So, you need to move around a few things in your small room to make room for your baby.

Consider taking out all the unnecessary furniture and decorative items. Dedicate a corner of the room to your baby. If you want to feel a sense of separation, then consider hanging curtains to separate your bed from your baby’s.

2.      Choose Minimalist Gear

The best way to make room is to choose small gear. Always go for mini-sized baby gear. There is no need for you to get a full-sized cart with additional features when a small baby-sized cart can do the job. The same goes for storage. You don’t need a separate closet for the baby, but small containers can also work just fine. If you’ve already bought the gear, you may still be able to exchange it for a smaller size by contacting the manufacturer.

3.      Use Ceiling Curtains to Hide Storage

No one likes clutter, but storage also takes up space. So, how does one deal with that? By storing smartly and concealing it. Start storing things vertically and then covering up the storage with ceiling-mounted curtains. This way, you can store more stuff without taking up more space. Use the entire length of the wall and store different items on different shelves. Consider labelling them so you always stay organised.

4.      Store all the Items Not in Use

It is alright to buy things in advance because the baby is at a growing age, but that doesn’t mean you need to have access to it all. Store away all the toys, clothes, and other items until you need to use them on a daily basis. This will help with managing the clutter and also keeping things safe. 

5.      Create a Play Wall

You can also use the walls for toys. Create a play wall for your child where you hang all the toys that they play with frequently. This is the perfect combination that offers space-saving and access to play all the time.

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